Ross Ihaka receives Pickering

Ross Ihaka was awarded the Pickering Medal by the Royal Society of New Zealand. This report comes from NZIMA:

Ross Ihaka (University of Auckland), whose work with Robert Gentleman in creating the "R" system for statistical computing was featured on the front page of Issue 3 of our NZ-IMAges bulletin, was awarded the Pickering Medal of the Royal Society of New Zealand at the NZ Science Honours Dinner in Wellington on 11th November. The Pickering Medal, which recognises excellence and innovation in practical applications of technology, is one of the three premier awards made by the RSNZ at the annual dinner.

The uptake of the "R" system has been phenomenal. It has become the statistical package of choice for many statisticians around the world, particularly in universities, but also industry and government. For example, it is invaluable for processing huge amounts of genomic and survival data. "R" is sponsored by notable companies and organisations such as Astra Zeneca, HortResearch, Merck, Sharp & Dohme, and Telecom. It is used for both teaching and research by hundreds of universities around the world, including Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge and Berkeley.

There are over 40 books written about, or featuring, the use of "R", and the package and the journal paper introducing it have been cited over 1700 times, by far the highest for publications in the mathematical sciences over the last ten years, worldwide. It is now disseminated through 75 internet sites in 30 different countries.

Ross Ihaka Ross Ihaka Ross Ihaka Ross Ihaka
Ross Ihaka Ross Ihaka Ross Ihaka
Ross Ihaka Ross Ihaka
Ross Ihaka

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