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STATS 210 Statistical Theory

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Below description edited in year: 2019

Points: 15

Coreqs: 15 points from MATHS 208, 250 or equivalent.

Prereqs: 15 points from STATS 125 or equivalent

Restrictions: STATS 225

Credit: Final exam 60%, test 10%, tutorials 8%, assignments 22%. Must obtain at least 50% in the final exam to pass.

Textbooks: Notes distributed in class

For Advice: Ciprian Giurcaneanu (Email: | extn: 82819)

Taught: First Semester City, Second Semester City

STATS 210 introduces the theory that underlies the statistical methods used in practical statistics courses. It is aimed at students who enjoy maths and are interested in probability and statistics. It is useful for students with interests in Econometrics, Operations Research, Finance, and theoretical aspects of Marketing Research, as well as those who have Maths or Statistics as their main interest. STATS 210 is a prerequisite for STATS 310 and admission to a postgraduate degree in Statistics. Students majoring in Statistics must take either STATS 125 or STATS 210

Topics studied include: Probability, discrete and continuous distributions, likelihood and estimation, hypothesis testing.

Although every reasonable effort is made to ensure accuracy, this information for the course year (2019) is provided as a general guide only for students and is subject to alteration. All students enrolling at the University of Auckland must consult its official document, the University of Auckland Calendar, to ensure that they are aware of and comply with all regulations, requirements and policies.

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