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STATS 320 Applied Stochastic Modelling

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Below description edited in year: 2018

Points: 15

Prereqs: 15 points from STATS 125, STATS 210 and 15 points from STATS 201, 207, 208, 220 or BIOSCI 209

Credit: The best of the following two options. Option 1: Assignments (25%), Term test (10%) & Final exam (65%). Option 2: Assignments (25%) & Exam (75%). Must obtain at least 40% in final exam to pass.

Textbooks: Recommended Reading: Kleijnen, J. & van Groenendaal, W., Simulation: A Statistical Perspective (Wiley 1992).

For Advice: Simon Harris (Email: | extn: 81109), Ilze Ziedins (Email: | extn: 85051)

Taught: First Semester City, Second Semester City

Website: STATS 320 website

This course concentrates on stochastic methods used in operations research, biology etc. It covers the construction, analysis and simulation of stochastic models, as well as some optimisation questions connected with these models. It is valuable for students interested in Business, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science and the Biological Sciences.

Topics studied include: The Poisson process, birth and death processes, queueing theory, simulation, random number generation, variance reduction, and optimisation

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