Welcome to the Department of Statistics

"Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write." H.G. Wells

Orientation Day 2018

The Faculty of Science looks forward to seeing all undergraduate students at Orientation Day on 21 February. There is a fabulous programme of activities and events starting with a welcome at Waipapa Marae.

A picture is worth a million numbers

Following on from the success of last year, the 2018 Ihaka Lectures (7-21 March) present three experts discussing different facets of data visualisation such as identifying patterns. Find out more.

The secrets of the universe

Associate Professor Renate Meyer has been part of a huge collaborative effort to detect gravitational waves from a neutron star merger. Read about her research on pages 22 and 23 of InSCight magazine.

  • Claudia Rivera Rodriguez: Drawn back to Auckland
    26 September 2017
    Dr Claudia Rivera Rodriguez returns to the Department of Statistics.
  • Alumni day showcases Statistics research
    26 September 2017
    On Saturday 23 September 2017 the departments of Statistics, Computer Science and Mathematics came together to present short and lively talks on current research, display hands-on technology and postgraduate students’ work and provide course information.
  • Professor James Curran takes the lead
    19 September 2017
    Professor James Curran will be Head of the Department of Statistics from next February, for a four-year term.
  • The art of teaching statistics to teenagers
    22 August 2017
    Anna Fergusson is a Professional Teaching Fellow in the Department of Statistics and is doing her PhD which explores accessible ways to introduce school students to what she calls “the modern art and science of learning from data”.