Welcome to the Department of Statistics

"Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write." H.G. Wells

A picture is worth a million numbers

Following on from the success of last year, the 2018 Ihaka Lectures (7-21 March) present three experts discussing different facets of data visualisation such as identifying patterns. Find out more.

R star launches fundraising appeal

Hadley Wickham is a Department of Statistics graduate who has built a leading data science business on R. He wants users who have benefited from R, which is free and open-source, to give back.

Data to Insight MOOC

Our hugely popular MOOC is running again from 19 March. It offers a hands-on introduction to statistical data analysis, emphasising fundamental concepts and practical skills. Sign up at any time.

  • Faculty of Science Postdoctoral Society
    09 March 2018
    The Postdoctoral Society is going from strength to strength since their inaugural research symposium in 2016.
  • R star launches fundraising appeal
    08 March 2018
    Leading R developer Hadley Wickham is calling on everyone who uses the statistical programming language R to donate just one dollar for every hour they have used it in the past year.
  • Expanding the R toolkit
    19 February 2018
    Associate Professor Paul Murrell’s work on graphics in R is a bit unusual – he mostly doesn't create graphs, but develops tools so others can.
  • Crunching the numbers to combat child poverty
    16 February 2018
    An estimated 12 percent of New Zealand children are living in material hardship. Aiming to change that are Department of Statistics researchers Dr Barry Milne, Andrew Sporle and their colleagues.