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10 December 2017

1:30 - 5pm

Venue: Business School, Owen G Glenn Building, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Location: 12 Grafton Rd, City Campus, Auckland

Host: Department of Statistics

Cost: $100 for one workshop, $140 for two workshops

Contact info: Thomas Yee

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Professor Chris Wild, Department of Statistics
Chris Wild, workshop facilitator

This workshop will be of special relevance to those involved in teaching statistics at all levels (e.g., secondary schools and universities), including the general learning of statistical concepts and exploratory data analysis, especially within a Big Data context.

iNZight is a free easy-to-use, standalone, graphical-user-interface-driven system for dynamic statistical graphics and analysis that gives extremely fast access to a powerful suite of techniques, including seamless provision for data from complex survey designs. It runs on a variety of platforms. We will explore some of the unique capabilities of iNZight and its packages.

Additionally, we will look at iNZight Lite, a browser-driven online software that uses a Shiny interface to serve up the same capabilities. Sitting in behind both are a set of R packages whose functions can also be called directly from R. All these modes of working have their advantages and disadvantages. They can not only suit different types of user, but also the same user in different situations. The online system, for example, has the obvious advantage of needing no installation. Less expected is its ease of use for offering sophisticated visualisation and analysis capabilities to remote and independent data repositories whereby a repository data set automatically opens up inside the tool at the click of a link on the repository’s own web page.

Target audience: anyone who is interested in using dynamic statistical graphics and wants to try something new, or to explore the relative strengths of menu and code-driven graphics in a situation where they are delivering the same pictures. Participants who are not already familiar with R will not need to use R if they do not wish to.

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Graphics in R is one of the four half-day workshops. Spaces are limited and each workshop will run subject to a minimum of 10 people. All four standalone workshops are open to everybody, followed by a 4-day international conference on statistical computing from 11-14 December 2017.