Data to Insight | An introduction to data analysis and visualisation Event as iCalendar

08 April 2019 - 17 June 2019

Host: Department of Statistics

Cost: Free - all welcome to sign up


Learn to think like a statistician

Big data is everywhere, but without people who have the skills to understand, interpret and communicate it, we're missing out on crucial opportunities to extract insights and predict behaviour.

Data to Insight provides an introduction to statistical data analysis and visualisation for those new to the subject, as well as those wanting a reminder and a fresh perspective.

Beginning on Monday 8 April 2019, and lasting for eight weeks, the MOOC is free, self-paced and open to all - you just need basic spreadsheet skills, and a computer to download and install the software.  

The course focuses on data exploration and discovery, showing you what to look for in statistical data, however large it may be. We’ll also teach you some of the limitations of data and what you can do to avoid being misled. We use data visualisations designed to teach you these skills quickly, and introduce you to the basic concepts you need to start understanding our world through data.

Data to Insight is run by the Department of Statistics' Professor Chris Wild and Tracey Meek.

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