Department of Statistics


  • Tuck shops losing out to home-packed lunches: CensusAtSchool
    02 May 2017
    School tuck shops are losing ground to home-packed lunches, according to latest results from the long-running CensusAtSchool TataurangaKiteKura.
  • Most kids have no screen-time limits – CensusAtSchool
    15 March 2017
    Eight in 10 teens and six in 10 primary school children say there are no limits on their screen time out of school.
  • How much pocket money do Kiwi kids get? CensusAtSchool finds out
    01 March 2017
    Six in 10 schoolchildren taking part in the national CensusAtSchool TataurangaKiTeKura reported that they received pocket money.
  • New lecturer comes full circle
    14 February 2017
    Dr Ben Stevenson, who studied for his BSc(Hons) and MSc in Statistics, rejoins the Department of Statistics to work alongside Associate Professor Rachel Fewster.
  • Students become data detectives in this year's CensusAtSchool
    02 February 2017
    The national, online statistics project, CensusAtSchool, starts on Tuesday 7 February, 2017, and is open to all English and Māori-medium schools.
  • Summer scholar puts conservationists in the picture
    10 January 2017
    Department of Statistics summer scholar Mac Townsend plays an important role in New Zealand's conservation efforts.
  • Top Medal honours for University of Auckland Science researchers
    23 November 2016
    Internationally renowned researcher and author in human experimental psychology, Emeritus Professor Michael Corballis, has been awarded the Rutherford Medal from the Royal Society of New Zealand.
  • Statistics graduates return for Alumni Showcase
    15 October 2016
    The first joint Alumni Showcase, a collaboration by the Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science departments, took place on Saturday 15 October in the new Science building at the City Campus.
  • Protecting Indigenous Data
    14 October 2016
    Department of Statistics senior research fellow Andrew Sporle was among Māori academics who represented New Zealand at the first international meeting to focus on indigenous control of data about native peoples.
  • Documenting the impact of hunting in the Amazon
    14 October 2016
    Department of Statistics conservation expert Rachel Fewster has used previously unpublished shipping records to estimate how hunting affected animal population survival rates in the Amazon region.
  • Rapid eradication assessment tool developed
    18 August 2016
    Researchers from the University of Auckland Department of Statistics and School of Biological Sciences have developed a new online tool for rapidly confirming when pests have been successfully eradicated from an area.
  • How R took the world by storm
    03 June 2016
    How did the statistical programming language R grow from a simple help-out for undergrad students to a global sensation? Associate Professor Ross Ihaka of the Department of Statistics tells the story in the latest issue of alumni magazine Ingenio.
  • Machine learning specialist joins Statistics
    08 April 2016
    Can we make machines think like we do? Maybe, says machine learning expert Mehdi Soleymani, who recently started in the Department of Statistics.
  • Retiring in numbers
    08 April 2016
    Several well-known faces at the Department of Statistics have retired – or reducing their hours as a prelude to retirement – this month.
  • Conservation silver bullet?
    24 March 2016
    An international team of 30 scientists has conducted the first-ever global study measuring the benefits of eradication of invasive mammals on islands and concludes it is one of the most effective tools in the conservation arsenal.
  • Science subjects rate highly internationally
    22 March 2016
    Science subjects at the University of Auckland are highly placed in this year’s QS World University Rankings with the University rated number one in the country in almost all subjects.
  • Bus arrival times: Making better predictions
    07 March 2016
    Auckland commuters know the frustration well: You’re waiting for a bus, and the electronic board shows it’s three minutes away. Ten minutes later, you’re still standing there, wondering what’s going on. Or the board may say a bus is 10 minutes away – but it suddenly turns up when you’re not paying attention.
  • Thomas Lumley becomes Royal Society Fellow
    23 February 2016
    Professor Thomas Lumley of the Department of Statistics has been made a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand for his contributions both to statistical theory and to statistical practice.
  • Associate Professor Renate Meyer: Helping to create waves of change
    12 February 2016
    When US-based researchers announced on Friday that they that they had detected gravitational waves, Renate Meyer was up at 4.30am to watch the live broadcast online from her home in Auckland.
  • Digging deeper in the text mine
    09 February 2016
    We’ve all answered opinion surveys that provide a limited choice of answers to click on – then end with an open-ended question such as “Do you have any additional comments?” The problem with these, says visiting statistician Professor Matthias Schonlau is that the insights they offer are often ignored by analysts, apart from providing some anecdotes.