Department of Statistics


  • Using statistics to make sense of our world at the 2018 Mathematical and Computational Sciences Showcase
    24 September 2018
    If you let a pregnant rat loose on pest-free Rangitōtō, how fast might the population grow? This question and more were answered in stimulating talks delivered by Statistics staff.
  • Cyberattacks, cybersecurity and protection
    21 September 2018
    Dr Rizwan Asghar talks about the risk of cyberattacks and how New Zealand must find ways to counter this growing threat. Read his Newsroom article.
  • Women in science – a celebration of NZ pioneers
    19 September 2018
    Pioneering women scientists who helped pave the way for others are being honoured as part of Women’s Suffrage 125 celebrations by having the University of Auckland’s science departments and schools named after them for one week.
  • Angling for the best models
    13 September 2018
    Dr Thomas Yee, a senior lecturer in the Department of Statistics, is a keen fly fisherman, and he has been able to marry his statistical nous with his hobby.
  • Major funding for University of Auckland science research
    13 September 2018
    A non-invasive laser probe to detect prostate cancer and developing high-value products from seaweed are just two research projects at the University of Auckland awarded funding from this year’s Endeavour and Smart Ideas science fund allocation.
  • Conveying data into everyday language
    29 August 2018
    Avinesh Pillai works with more than 55 million individual pieces of anonymised information about more than 6,800 New Zealand children and their families, covering everything from their weights at birth to how far they live from their schools.
  • New lecturer goes with the flow
    23 August 2018
    Newly-appointed lecturer Azam Asanjarani spends her days working on problems to do with queues, such as traffic jams, healthcare waiting lists, internet congestion and the like.
  • International honour for Professor James Curran
    10 August 2018
    Department of Statistics academic, Professor James Curran, has been awarded a Fellowship with the American Statistical Association (ASA).
  • Concern over quality of Māori Census data
    25 July 2018
    Andrew Sporle, a researcher in the Department of Statistics, is among a group of indigenous scholars sounding the alarm over the quality of Māori data in this year’s Census.
  • The secrets of scampi stock assessment
    18 July 2018
    Of all the creatures in the sea, why is scampi so intriguing? Dr Ian Tuck did his PhD on scampi fisheries ecology and now works for NIWA, while also working on collaborative research projects in the Department of Statistics. Find out more.
  • Making sure the forecast fits
    28 June 2018
    Shanika Wickramasuriya, who started with the Department of Statistics as a lecturer in February 2018, focuses her work on time-series analysis, forecasting and computational statistics. Her research helps companies look at their past data to predict their future needs.
  • Becoming a probabilist | Simon Harris branches out
    20 June 2018
    Associate Professor Simon Harris from the from the United Kingdom, is a probabilist. His research focuses on branching processes, including branching Brownian motions.
  • University of Auckland professor announced as new Chief Science Advisor
    12 June 2018
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern visits the University of Auckland today to announce Professor Juliet Gerrard will take up the role of Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor.
  • Statistics key to measuring the health of New Zealand's kelp forests
    06 June 2018
    Dr Nick Shears, who shares his time between the Institute of Marine Science and the Department of Statistics, talks about his research exploring the issue of sedimentation and climate change on kelp forests in Auckland’s coastal waters.
  • Taking a measured approach
    23 May 2018
    Dr Beatrix Jones, who has just started with the Department of Statistics as a senior lecturer, focuses her attention on metabolomics, the study of the set of metabolites present within a fluid or tissue.
  • Professor challenges graduates to query statistics in the media
    14 May 2018
    Statistics’ Professor Thomas Lumley has urged new graduates to use their skills to critique the data-based claims made in news media.
  • Donate to a fund supporting statistics and statisticians
    01 May 2018
    Did you know that the Department of Statistics has a philanthropic fund which supports statistics and statisticians? Find out how you can help.
  • Top teachers recognised
    29 March 2018
    Seven lecturers who deliver Department of Statistics courses have been recognised for their contribution to teaching in 2017 in a newly-instituted departmental awards scheme.
  • Ihaka Lecture Series a success
    27 March 2018
    The Department of Statistics is delighted at the event turnout and online engagement for their second annual Ihaka Lecture Series.
  • Visual Trumpery - the good and bad of data journalism
    25 March 2018
    Ihaka Lecture guest speaker, Alberto Cairo, warns we must beware of data visualisations that look convincing but skew the truth. He talks to Radio NZ about how good data journalism makes important information easily understandable.