Stats Chat investigates the uses and abuses of statistics in the media

29 June 2011

The Department of Statistics has set up its own blog, StatsChat to help improve statistical literacy, scrutinise facts and figures used in the media and create awareness of misleading statistical information. Stats Chat also aims to provide a valuable archive of resources for the general public.

Rachel Cunliffe, co-founder of StatsChat and a former graduate of The University of Auckland said that the blog would be especially relevant this year as "we will be seeing multiple polls coming out in the election...and helping people to understand those issues better would be the role of the blog."

The Department of Statistics will be contributing regularly to the blog but Rachel hopes that the public will also add their comments and contributions.

To find out more about the StatsChat and the importance of statistical scrutiny in the media, listen to Mediawatch's interview with Rachel on 19 June 2011. The interview begins 15 minutes from the start of the programme.