Can you combine a passion for sports and statistics into your career?

05 July 2011

Bobby Willcox gets to watch every ANZ game at least three times. She did her project on the Silver Ferns as part of her MSc in Statistics and has not looked back since. Bobby plays a vital role in analyzing the strategies of the game and identifying playing styles within each position- both the Ferns and their opponents. In every game, she gets the best seat next to the Silver Fern coaches whilst she analyses real time data from the games.

“I guess I am proof that you if you study statistics you don’t have to be a maths teacher- you can end up sitting on the sidelines at a netball world championships” says Bobby Willcox.

To date, she’s analysed four major tournaments and loves what she does. Read more how Bobby’s statistical skills are giving an edge to the Silver Ferns.