Did you know that by changing the election system, you can influence the balance of power in future Parliaments?

16 August 2011

New Zealand’s elections are currently based on the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) system. During this year’s 2011 General Election, a Referendum will also be held to give you a chance to say whether you want to keep the current MMP voting system, or elect another voting system for our Parliaments in the future.

Dr Geoff Prichard says that changing the electoral system can dramatically change the composition of Parliament and people need to be aware of this. For example "quite extreme results are possible under first-past-the-post," says Dr Geoff Pritchard.

To raise awareness, Dr Geoff Prichard, together with Dr Mark Wilson of the Department of Computer Science has created the 2011 Referendum Simulator, also known simply as the election calculator. The election calculator allows you to put in your own estimated level of support for each party and test it using your chosen electoral system to see the results.

To read more about the election calculator and the alternative voting systems, visit the 3News website.

To try using the 2011 Referendum Simulator yourself, click here.