Department of Statistics

Postgraduate courses

This page lists course offerings for the 2019 academic year.

Semester 1 courses

Semester 1 courses
STATS 701 Advanced SAS Programming City
FORENSIC 703 Statistics and Molecular Biology in Forensic Science City
STATS 707 Computational Introduction to Statistics City
STATS 708 Topics in Statistical Education City
STATS 720 Stochastic Processes City
STATS 723 Stochastic Methods in Finance City
STATS 727 Special Topic in Time Series City
STATS 731 Bayesian Inference City
STATS 732 Topic in Statistical Inference City
BIOSCI 738 Advanced Biological Data Analysis. City
STATS 741 Sample Surveys and Experimental Design City
STATS 760 A Survey of Modern Applied Statistics City
STATS 762 Statistical Modelling City
STATS 763 Advanced Regression Methodology City
STATS 770 Introduction to Medical Statistics City
STATS 779 Professional Computing Skills for Statisticians City
STATS 782 Statistical Computing City

Semester 2 courses

Semester 2 courses
STATS 705 Official Statistics City
STATS 710 Probability Theory City
STATS 721 Foundations of Stochastic Processes City
STATS 722 Foundations of Financial Mathmatics City
STATS 726 Time Series City
STATS 730 Statistical Inference City
STATS 740 Sample Surveys City
STATS 747 Statistical Methods in Marketing City
STATS 761 Mixed Models | this course is no longer being taught in 2019 City
STATS 766 Multivariate Analysis City
STATS 767 Foundations of Applied Multivariate Analysis City
STATS 768 Longitudinal data analysis City
STATS 769 Data Science Practice City
STATS 773 Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials City
STATS 780 Statistical consulting City
STATS 782 Statistical Computing City
STATS 785 Fooundations of Statistical Data Management  City

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