Department of Statistics

Research by staff

A wide range of research areas are represented by academic staff in the Department of Statistics. Research students and postdoctoral fellows contribute to this research at all levels and publish their research in a wide range of well known international scientific journals.

Areas of current research activity Research staff
Analysis of circular and spherical data
Bayesian inference
Case-control sampling and extension
Experimental design
Fitting statistical models to population density data 
Forensic statistics
High-throughput biological data
Improvement and industrial statistics
Longitudinal data and correlated responses
Markov chain Monte Carlo methods
Medical Statistics
Mixed models
Multivariate analysis and modelling
Nonparametric methods and regression
Operations research
Probability and statistical physics
Sampling and the analysis of survey data
Statistical computing and the "R" statistical programming language
Statistical ecology and animal abundance
Statistics education
Stochastic processes / applied probability
Time series analysis