Department of Statistics

R packages

Packages written in the R language can be used to extend the functionality of the R statistical computing environment. Within our department we have produced and maintain the following R packages to implement new features and analyses.


Most of this software can be installed from CRAN

or from the following links:

Here is a subset of R packages we have developed. For a comprehensive list, please email us on:

Maintainer Package Notes
Andrew Balemi, Dineika Chandra, James Curran, Brant Deppa, Mike Forster, Charlotte Maia, Brendan McArdle, Chris Wild s20x STATS 201/207/208 functions
James Curran Bolstad A set of R functions and data sets for the book Introduction to Bayesian Statistics, Bolstad, W.M. (2007), John Wiley & Sons
Bolstad2 A set of R functions and data sets for the book Understanding Computational Bayesian Statistics, Bolstad, W.M. (2009), John Wiley & Sons ISBN 978-0470046098
dafs Data and miscellanea to support the book "Introduction to Data analysis with R for Forensic Scientists", Curran, J.M. 2010 CRC Press ISBN: 978-1-4200-8826-7
Thomas Lumley survey analysis of complex survey samples
rmeta Meta-analysis
mitools Tools for multiple imputation of missing data
dichromat Color schemes for dichromats
ConvCalendar Converts dates between calendars
leaps regression subset selection
biglm bounded memory linear and generalized linear models
Thomas Yee VGAM Vector Generalized Linear and Additive Models
David Scott DistributionUtils Distribution Utilities
GeneralizedHyperbolic The generalized hyperbolic distribution
SkewHyperbolic The Skew Hyperbolic Student t-distribution
VarianceGamma The Variance Gamma Distribution
NormalLaplace The Normal Laplace Distribution
HyperbolicDist The hyperbolic distribution

Paul Murrell



RGraphics Supporting package for the book "R Graphics"
grImport Importing vector graphics images into R
gridSVG Creating dynamic graphics for the web
gridBase Integrating traditional and grid graphics
hexView Viewing binary files in R
graphicsQC Quality control tools for R graphics
compare Comparing R objects
hyperdraw Drawing hypergraphs
rdataviewer Viewing data files in R
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You can use the ‘install.packages()’ command to install any of the above packages.

For packages not on CRAN, perhaps because they are experimental versions, you may first download them manually. Full documentation can be found in the R manual.

Use of a local CRAN mirror will speed installation.