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Profile: Kathy Ruggiero

Kathy holds a BSc (Hons) from Melbourne’s LaTrobe University and a PhD in Statistics from the University of Waikato. She works for the UoA’s Department of Statistics and is affiliated with the Bioinformatics Institute in the School of Biological Sciences. She has previously worked for organisations such as Australia’s national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), and Agriculture Victoria.

Areas of expertise

The design of experiments; mixed model analysis of complex experiments; the analysis of large datasets derived from arrays, proteomics and metabolomic studies.


Some recent clients

  • Dr Anthony Phillips, Senior Lecturer, Surgery, School of Medicine, UoA.
  • Daniel Tyler, MSc student researching the physiology of cultured paua, University of Auckland. (Supervisor: Associate Professor Andrew Jeffs, Leigh Marine Laboratory, UoA)
  • Christine Shepherd, PhD candidate researching the effect of climate change on weed invasion. (Supervisor: Dr Margaret Stanley, Senior Lecturer in Biosecurity, UoA.

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Client testimonials

“Kathy, as the stats expert, played a critical role in first helping us design the study appropriately to ensure that our tissue samples from experimental-versus-control groups were dealt with in a way that ensured there was no bias.
“Then, she helped us analyse the data to identify the proteins that had changed between the groups. This was critical work.”
Anubhav Mittal, PhD student, The University of Auckland.


Some of Kathy's recent publications

  • Aggio R, Villas-Bôas S G, Ruggiero K (2011). Metab: an R package for high-throughput analysis of metabolomics data generated by GC-MS. Bioinformatics, doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btr379.
  • Mittal A, Middleditch M, Ruggiero K, Loveday B, Delahunt B, Jullig M, Cooper GJS, Windsor JA, Phillips ARJ (2010). Changes in the mesenteric lymph node proteome induced by hemorrhagic shock. Shock, 34(2), 140-149.
  • Mittal A, Phillips ARJ, Middleditch MJ, Ruggiero K, Loveday BPT, Delahunt B, Cooper GJS, Windsor JA (2009). The proteome of mesenteric lymph during acute pancreatitis and implications for treatment. Journal of the Pancreas, 10(2), 130-142.
  • O'Donnell MJ, Todgham AE, Sewell MA, Hammond LT, Ruggiero K, Fangue NA, Zippay ML, Hofmann GE (2009). Ocean acidification alters skeletogenesis and gene expression in larval sea urchins. Marine Ecology Progress Series, Vol. 398: 157–171.