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Alexis White, Clinical Research Manager, CoDa Therapeutics
“The Statistical Consulting Centre’s Yannan Jiang has provided us with a number of services to support our clinical trial program including input into clinical trial design, provision of randomisation codes and data analysis. She is extremely professional and responsive – her work is high-quality and she’s always very thorough. Yannan has never missed a deadline and can explain things in layman’s terms when required. We are extremely satisfied.”

Karen Schimanski, Nurse Consultant, Auckland City Hospital
“Chris Triggs and Jessica Thomas of the Statistical Consulting Centre have been fantastic, helping me with my Masters in Health Sciences under the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Auckland. A cross-over randomised trial to assess sufficient agreement between upper arm and forearm blood pressures analysed using Bland-Altman analysis was designed.
“Chris helped me understand the correct statistical analysis required in the design phase of my trial. Jessica Thomas provided a comprehensive sample size calculation with full rationale to power my trial and support my ethics application. She comprehensively analysed all the result data using Bland-Altman and t-tests, and provided full graphics and tables. In addition, she has gone the extra mile to ensure that I understand the finer details of my results in layman’s terms. Jessica has been a pleasure to work with.”

Brigitta Wassenaar, Operations Leader, International Mail Centre, Auckland Airport
"Jessica Thomas ably assisted me with analysis of a large data set for my Master of Commerce thesis. The service I received from Jessica was excellent. I work full-time so my schedule to complete the research was very tight, but Jess was more than accommodating of my requirements and we were able to work very well together. Jess was very reliable and punctual, and was very easy to communicate with. I'm definitely not a statistical expert, but Jess patiently explained the more complex concepts very well and gave me lots of feedback on my progress."

Marcus Henning, Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education, University of Auckland
"Avinesh has been invaluable to my research into academic dishonesty, student quality of life and student motivation. We have met on many occasions to discuss the statistics that I compute using SPSS. He has an excellent way of communicating complex statistical approaches in digestible, layperson’s terms, and offers thoughtful insights."

Jacqueline Beggs, Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Entomology, University of Auckland
"David helped us find out more about the diet of New Zealand endemic dung beetles. These beetles are surprisingly abundant and widespread in our forests even though there would have been little mammal dung available for them to feed on. We ran a series of trials to identify which food types they preferred, such as bird, invertebrate, reptile, and introduced mammal dung, and David used randomisation tests to analyse the data. In addition, he used a technique called the Kaplan-Meier estimate of the survivor function to assess whether the beetles survived better on different food types. David’s statistical expertise was critical to correctly analysing and interpreting our experiments, allowing this research to be published in a high-quality journal – and David was included as a co-author on the paper to acknowledge his significant contribution."

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