Department of Statistics

Statistics postgraduate room

All Masters, Honours and Diploma students studying at least three Statistics papers are entitled to use the Graduate Room as a study space. The room is equipped with study carrels, computers and lockers. PhD students are entitled to a shared office. You will visit the room on a tour during orientation at the beginning of the year.

Conditions of use of the Statistics postgraduate room

Statistics postgraduate room (Building 303S, Room 299) is an exclusive lab space for students who are enrolled in a Statistics postgraduate programme.

Please come to the Statistics office (Building 303, Room 203) to complete the access card request form.

If you have a card from another department which you no longer use, please return it to that department. The University security system permits each student to have only one card at any time.

Please note the Statistics postgraduate room is open from 6am-12 midnight - make sure you leave well before midnight as the door automatically locks itself at midnight.

The postgraduate room is solely for the use of Statistics postgraduate students, if you let others use your access card or let others into your room, we will take access off you without further warning. We will be doing spot checks and will be tracking access regularly, please protect your own privileges.

For students who are not enrolled in a Statistics postgraduate programme, access to the Statistics postgraduate room can be requested only if you are doing two or more Statistics postgraduate papers this semester. This rule is reviewed on a semester basis as the Statistics postgraduate room has already exceeded its capacity.

As this is a lab space, there are no allocated desks and you must not leave belongings in the room (lockers are now provided, please see the rules of use below) or reserve the computer, you must always log out when you go for class or lunch.

Please also note the following conditions of use:

  • You will be carrying out desk- or computer-based office work, research or similar.
  • You will not enter the building before 6am and you will leave before midnight.
  • You will ensure you are able to communicate with the security officer if the need arises.
  • You will ensure that the building is safe and that you can exit safely at all times.
  • You will ensure there is some other person (which may be the security officer) who knows you are in the building and for how long.
  • You must use an electronic access card to access (and exit after hours) the building at all times and display that card or any other ID that the security officer may request.
  • You will familiarise yourself with the placement of any fire alarms, lighting and heating controls and emergency exits and procedures. Furthermore you will take care to avoid personal hazards when entering or leaving the building.
  • You will note, observe and avoid all identified hazards in the hazard assessment.

Postgraduate lockers: rules of use

  • The lockers are situated directly outside the Statistics postgraduate room (Room 299 Level, Building 303).
  • Lockers are allocated to Statistics postgraduate students who have access to the Postgraduate Room.
  • The locker is for temporary storage of belongings of students (eg. books, calculators). Students are no longer allowed to leave their belongings unattended in the Postgraduate Room.
  • There is no cost to use the locker but if the locker key is lost/damaged, cost for replacement of the key is $20.
  • The use of the locker is a privilege and students are required to abide by University rules and to look after the condition of the locker.
  • Students are to keep noise to a minimum in the vicinity of the lockers so as not to disturb lecturers who are in the rooms opposite.
  • The breach of any of the abovementioned rules may lead to use of the locker AND the Postgraduate Room being withdrawn.
  • Student to clear and clean the locker and return the key on date stated below.

Can students enrolled in a transitional certificate prior to enrolling in an MSc or PGDipSci use the Grad Room?

Transitional Certificate students get access to the Grad Room to use the shared computer facilities and desks. There is not room for them all to have their own desk but as it is never full at any one time there should always be a desk to use.