Department of Statistics

Resources and support for PhD students

Statement of resources and support for PhD students

It is University policy that all PhD students will be supported in their studies, for a period of up to 4 years. During this time period the Department in which they are being supervised will provide the student with adequate resources and facilities to enable the doctoral student to complete within the 4-year time frame.

The minimum levels of resources and facilities that will be provided to all PhD candidates are as follows:

  • Either 24 hour access to the department/school or after hours access to the department at the same level as academic staff.
  • A desk assigned to each student in a quiet (usually shared) office or study space.

Within the faculty, institute or department, PhD students will have access to:

  • A quality (shared) computer loaded with appropriate up to date software, including facility for email
  • PhD students should have access through the department/school’s computer network system to the same range of key software in any department/school computer network system as academic staff
  • A quality printer
  • A phone with an outside local line
  • A fax machine
  • A mail box/pigeon hole specifically for graduate students
  • A communal meeting space within the department, institute, faculty which should include tea and coffee making facilities
  • In the case of the laboratory and experimental subjects, adequate bench space, routine/basic consumables needed for the research, and technical support and supervision for the use and maintenance of instrumentation will be available.
  • Adequate IT support for software and hardware that is essential for data processing and other research needs and thesis preparation.
  • All PhD students may apply to Research Committee for funding to attend a conference at which they will be presenting a paper resulting from their research. Departments also have in place mechanisms by which PhD students may apply for support to attend conferences relevant to their PhD research.
  • An allowance towards copying and interloan charges.
  • Students should be informed of extra charges or any change in rate of charges made by the department, institute, faculty or university prior to the change being made.

The University Library supports PhD students with a full range of library services including:

  • A subject-specific service providing individual consultations with a Subject Librarian who will advise on research resources and all Library-related matters.
  • An electronic resources network, LEARN, which delivers an extensive range of full-text and research resources to the department desktop and the home, and print collections of 1.8 million volumes across 15 libraries
  • Document delivery and inter-library loan services to obtain material from other University of Auckland campuses and other libraries both nationally and internationally.

Download a pdf copy of the above information:


Department of Statistics Student Seminar Record form

PhD students of the Department of Statistics should complete a Student Seminar Record form for each seminar that they wish to count towards their seminar attendance.

Download a copy of this form:

Seminar Record form
(37.2 kB, PDF)

Postgraduate Research Student Support (PReSS)

The University provides research support funding for PhD students. For more information, please see the University's PReSS webpage.


PhD Provisional Report Template

The attached template (in either Word or LaTeX format) provides guidance to our PhD students in preparing their provisional year report. We recommend new PhD students discuss these expectations with their supervisors early in their provisional year.