Department of Statistics

Computers and software

What computers are available for use?

Students who have been enrolled can use their accounts on machines in the Graduate room, and any other computer that allows them to login on the University of Auckland domain.

If necessary you can request a Department login to gain access to the Linux or HPC machines for running simulations. This will allow you to login to servers and leave your task running, freeing up machines in the Graduate room for other students to use.

You can also use machines in the student labs when the labs are open and not very busy.


How do I run simulations?

Access is available to the world class High Performance Computing (HPC) Infrastructure so you can submit jobs to be processed. This is the most efficient way to leave your simulations running. For using the facility, please contact . Two hour workshops are run every week for training students/staff on how to use, write programs and easily access the NeSI computing infrastructure.


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What internet and email access is provided for students?

PhD students are given full email and internet access. PhD students can ask for email account, along with student email ( account by contacting Masters, Honours and Diploma students can use your existing student email address.

You will be given a limited amount of Internet quota on NetAccount for you to use in accessing webpages outside the University.

For more information on IT essentials, click here





Do graduate students get allocated printing quota?

The department supports our postgraduate students by allocating up to $120 print quota for research students (BSc Honours and MSc students in Statistics or Medical Statistics) and $60 for non-research students (PGDip students in Statistics or Medical Statistics) during their study.

To request print quota, please send an email with your name, ID number and UPI to


How do I log in to the Windows machines?

To be able to login to Windows machines in the graduate room you need to use your EC login, which is your Netaccount login name and password.


Can I get access to SAS for home if I am a postgraduate student enrolled in Statistics papers?

The answer is yes if you are a student/staff with the University.

Please click here to find the latest way to download and use.

If you had SAS installed in a previous year, and you need to activate it again for the this year or need another version,  ask for the license file for the current year by emailing or ask your lecturer to raise a request with staff service center stating the SAS version you have, your ID number and upi.

(Please note there may be license restrictions for using SAS for non-study work, including consulting.)


Is there other software available from the University?

The University offers a range of free and discounted computer softwares for students. For more information visit Computer software.