Department of Statistics

Financial assistance

Are there allowances for conferences and travel?

Traditionally the Department has paid the cost of attendance at one international conference during the course of each student’s PhD study.

This answer needs updating, since the allowance of $500 per annum appears to have managed to get itself deleted from the departmental budget. However Jenny Wilcox understands that the cost of attendance at one international conference is still provided (although of course this requires that you are presenting a paper, and will generally be in our international neighbour, Australia).

Note that interesting speakers are brought in to give seminars during the year, and PhDs are expected to attend.

What if I need financial assistance?

Most students do at least some work for the department to help finance their studies. Private tutoring of students in the final years of high school and first year university has been quite lucrative for some of our students, while others take part in lab demonstrating and assignment marking.

With sufficient notice, scholarships can sometimes be obtained to fund PhD research.

Students with outstanding records can win competitively awarded scholarships. There are also competitive scholarships available from various organisations for specialised areas of study, for members of several ethnic groups, and for women. For more information refer to Scholarships and Awards.