Department of Statistics

Fees, funding and employment in the Department of Statistics

Find out about fees, different sources of funding or employment available to you to help you with study costs.


For information about the levels of fees, for both domestic and international students, see Tuition fees and costs.

Funding for postgraduate study

To fund your PhD research on projects of mutual interest and benefit, scholarships can sometimes be obtained from Crown Research Institutes, companies or medical research funds. The funding opportunities for Masters students are more limited, each applicant is looked at on a case-by-case basis.

In addition, students with outstanding records can win competitively-awarded scholarships. There are also competitive scholarships available from various organisations for niche areas of study, for members of several ethnic groups and for women.

For information on scholarships that you could apply for, please see our webpage on Scholarships and Research Funding Grants.

Employment in the Department of Statistics

Some postgraduate students work for the Department of Statistics to help finance their studies. Some other postgraduate students are giving private tutoring to students in their final year of high school and first year university students.

Working for the Department of Statistics has two advantages. Apart from the income, a proven track record as a teacher is helpful, often necessary, for obtaining academic jobs.

The department offers some teaching-assistant work to postgraduate students, like marking and tutoring in help clinics and computer laboratories. 2011 pay rates for postgraduate teaching assistants are $21.65 an hour plus 8% holiday. The pay rates for PhD students are from $29.77 to $33.57 per hour, depending on year of study.

Tasks usually involve marking, assistance room work and lab demonstrating. Paid summer teaching and research-assistant jobs are made available for a limited number of students by the department and by the Faculty of Science.

If you are an international student, employment will be possible if you meet certain conditions to obtain a work permit. For more information, please see Working while you study.