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Stats NZ Data Lab - Microdata/IDI

The IDI Data Lab located in Department of Statistics buildings is open from 7 am until 11.30 pm Monday to Sunday (except university shut down periods).

Stats NZ - Integrated Data Infrastructure (Microdata)


The Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) is a large research database. It holds microdata about people and households.

The data is about life events, like education, income, benefits, migration, justice, and health. It comes from government agencies, Stats NZ surveys, and non-government organisations (NGOs). The data is linked together or integrated, to form the IDI.

Researchers use the IDI to gain insight into our society and economy. The research can help answer questions about complex issues that affect New Zealanders.

The IDI complements the Longitudinal Business Database (LBD), which holds linked microdata about businesses. The two databases are linked through tax data.

Data is kept safe

Data is protected by laws and other measures that guard your privacy.

Research projects must meet the conditions Stats NZ  set to keep data safe. Stats NZ  grant access to data only when projects meet all these conditions. Research must be in the public interest.

See details of how Stats NZ keep data safe.

IDI data does not identify individuals

Data in the IDI is de-identified. This means information like names, dates of birth, and addresses have been removed. Numbers that can be used to identify people, like IRD and NHI numbers, are encrypted (replaced with another number).

Stats NZ checks research results before they're released to make sure individuals can't be identified.

Your information in the IDI explains why Stats NZ  are unable to retrieve personal information in the IDI on request.

How the IDI is being used

Researchers use the IDI for research to improve the outcomes for New Zealanders.

Results can inform work on complex social and economic issues. These issues include topics like crime and vulnerable children.

How integrated data is helping New Zealanders has short videos with examples of using integrated data.

Research using Stats NZ microdata gives an overview of all research projects that have used the IDI.

Data in the IDI

The IDI has data on the following topics:

  • People and communities
  • Education and training
  • Income and work
  • Benefits and social services
  • Population
  • Health
  • Justice
  • Housing

The IDI is a growing source of information. Stats NZ updates the data every quarter and often add new datasets.

Get overviews of all data in the IDI

Upcoming datasets for the IDI and LBD

How to add a dataset to the IDI or LBD

How our integrated databases work

  1. Stats NZ  collects data from government agencies, Stats NZ surveys, and NGOs.
  2. Stats NZ  links records that belong to the same person or business using the variables they have in common.
  3. Stats NZ  de-identify the data and make it available for researchers.

Learn more about how the IDI and LBD work

History of the IDI and LBD


Apply to use microdata for research


New Zealand-based researchers can apply to access microdata for research.

To get access, you and your research project must meet the conditions Stats NZ have set to keep the data safe. You can only access the data in a secure Data Lab environment.

Apply to use microdata for research provides the steps for applying. The Data Labs located in Stats NZ buildings are open from 8.30am until 5 pm Monday to Friday; coincidentally they are also our support hours for the labs!

Other labs (e.g. Department of Statistics, University of Auckland) that are located in remote sites may have longer opening hours, but that is by arrangement with the location, and the support team is not available during these extra hours.

Resources for IDI and LBD users have links to technical resources and forums that may help you with your application and by using the IDI and LBD.


Access Card for Data Lab at the Department of Statistics, University of Auckland


The IDI Data Lab located in Department of Statistics buildings is open from 7 am until 11.30 pm Monday to Sunday (except university shut down periods). Building closes by 11.55pm

For gaining access to a data lab and environment, situated within the Department of Statistics at the University of Auckland, below process will be applicable:

1. If you DO NOT have a University of Auckland ID card

  •  If you have never been affiliated to the University of Auckland, Please create a free account online with the University of Auckland to register with us. 
  • You should receive your username via email within 10 minutes of registering. Once you have a username, you should update your information with the university following this link.
  • Following that you will need to:
    • Visit the Department of Statistics reception (Level 3, 38 Princes Street, Auckland CBD) to fill a form to be sponsored as a regular visitor of the 'Department of Statistics', and be eligible to use the services at the University of Auckland.
      • Then you can apply to receive an ID card (Campus Card) with embedded access card from AskAuckland Central, University of Auckland. This can be done by visiting them or applying online.This process can be done within an hour, if you visit them.
      • Once this is sorted, follow the below process, to gain access to the Data Lab. (You may be required to carry the below process in parallel to gain sponsorship from the department.)

2. If you have a University of Auckland (UoA) ID card

  •  If you have a University of Auckland ID card (Campus Card), make sure it is the latest one with the embedded access card. The new ID cards are blue. They have a six digit access card number on the back of the card along with your ID card number (under a barcode).
  1. Email the details below to
    1. Mention your UoA username
    2. Mention your Data Lab username issued by STATS NZ
    3. Mention your personal email id - to convey information or ask questions once you have left the uni.
    4. Mention your mobile number- to convey information.
    5. Mention your 'NEXT OF KIN' name and contact  mobile number- to convey health and saftey information.
    6. Write in the body of the email to us explaining why you would like access the Data Lab, and what your preferred hours of use will be.
    7. Mention last date of your project, or last day of use of the lab or last day you feel that you would need access to the lab.
         Attach to your email:
    1. Take a photo of both sides of your University of Auckland - ID card
    2. Take a photo of your passport or driving licence or another proof of identity
    3. Scan the copy of your email for access from Stats NZ
    4. Scan a copy of filled access request form. click here to download the access request form. {Do fill the last day of access (Statistics Expiry Date) or if you donot know put the date one year ahead and renew your access, if you are still working}

    • Please note:
      • Inform us when your project finishes or you will not be using the data lab anymore.
      • The Department of Statistics reserves the right to issue and cancel your access at any time.
      • Please keep the lab clean and be mindful of other users.
      • Follow all rules laid out by Stats NZ
      • This lab opens at 7 am and closes promptly at 11.30 pm; please leave the university building before that.
      • This lab will remain closed during university shut down periods (generally from a day before and a day after, to maintain security configuration). Example: 20 Dec 2018 (11.30pm) to 4 January 2019 (11.30 pm) [End of Year shutdown]
  •  Once we have received the above information, we will confirm your eligibility with Stats NZ and conduct other checks. When your eligibility has been confirmed, we will load your access onto your University of Auckland ID card and email you.