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Planning a PGDipOR

You can enter the Postgraduate Diploma in Operations Research after completing a Bachelors degree in a relevant subject.

Who should study a PGDipOR

The Postgraduate Diploma in Operations Research is a specialised interfaculty postgraduate degree that enable students with undergraduate backgrounds in Arts, Commerce, Engineering or Science to undertake graduate studies in Operations Research. The programme is a combination of mainly Engineering and Statistics papers.

Operations Research (OR) is the application of mathematical and scientific methods to solve certain classes of problems in the design and management of large or complex systems found in business, industry and government. Typical problems involve deciding how to make the most effective use of limited resources such as people, machines, money and time. Frequently mathematical and computer representations of problems are used to solve them.

OR courses teach the basic techniques used in solving resource management problems and discuss the most common areas of applications.


Structure and prerequisites

The Postgraduate Diploma in Operations Research requires one year of full-time study and consists of eight postgraduate-level courses.

Prerequisites: Candidates must have completed the requirements for a bachelors degree with a) an average grade of B or higher in at least 75 points at Stage III in approved subjects or b) an average grade of B or higher in STATS 320 and ENGSCI 391. Candidates with an equivalent level of practical experience in the operations research profession may be considered.


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Help and advice

If you require assistance and information in planning and guidance in making the best choices for your programme of study contact our Operations Research adviser.

Ilze Ziedins
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