Department of Statistics

Computer labs, software and assistance area

Statistics demonstrators are on duty in the computer laboratory from Monday to Thursday 9am-8pm and Friday 9am-5pm during term time to assist students with their assignments.

Computer laboratories versus using a home computer

Our laboratory facilities have sufficient capacity for you to complete all your assigned computer work. However, many students have access to computers at home and may find it more convenient to use their home computer or laptop instead. We have a number of  softwares available for free (or at a nominal charge) for such use cases. Please discuss this with your lecturer or read the sections below for more details.

Using the computer laboratory

The Department of Statistics shares a large computer laboratory (120 seats), located in the basement of Building 303S along with a couple others. The computer laboratory is available for use by Statistics students to study for any Statistics courses. The laboratory can be very busy around assignment due dates. That’s why we urge students to work on their assignments early to ensure access to computers.

To find out about the computer lab's opening and closing times, see the Faculty of Science's Computer Labs webpage.

In addition, students can also use the Kate Edger Information Commons computers. For more information about the software that is used on it, see the Information Commons Software webpage.

Faculty of Science Computer Labs
Building 303S

South Wing
Levels 1, Ground Floor and Basement
Rooms 191, G91, B91
City Campus


These labs may be used by students enrolled in any paper in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Geology, Chemistry and Physics.

Assistance area

During the year, the Statistics Department operates an Assistance Area for undergraduate Statistics students. It is normally staffed 35 hours or more per week during term time Monday to Friday between 9-4pm.

It is normally located in 302.170, First Floor, Building 302. Access is via the large red staircase at plaza level. If you cannot find it please email

Please note that tutors for Statistics will be wearing yellow sashes. To know more about statistics tutor email and/or

Statistical computing software(s)

SAS software

SAS is an integrated system of software products that enables programmers to perform all kinds of statistical data analysis.

If you are a staff or student, you are allowed to install SAS at home. SAS may be required for your assignments and projects. Your lecturer will let you know the link where you can download the Windows desktop version. This is generally heavy size ranges from 14GB to 24GB (gigabytes). If you are a staff member or a student who needs this software for a project, email or ask your supervior to email them to get a copy for you.

There are also light editions which SAS has launched. The SAS University Edition and SAS AWS. The SAS university edition works on Linux, Mac and Windows and can be downloaded from SAS website directly. SAS AWS needs to be hosted on Amazon web cloud and can be accessed on a browser from any where but would require internet connectivity. We suggest SAS university edition as it can be used offline and is lighter, please visit Libraries and Learning Services software page to find the latest way to download and use.

If you had SAS installed in a previous year, and you need to activate it again for the this year or you need another version, ask for the license file for the current year by emailing or ask your lecturer to raise a Staff Service Centre request stating the SAS version you have, your ID number and username, to ask for the latest license file.

Please note there are license restrictions for using SAS for non-study work, including consulting.


The R project

The Department of Statistics at the University of Auckland is well known for being the birthplace of the R Project. Founders of the R Project are Ross Ihaka, one of our Associate Professors, and R. Gentleman. The R Project is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. It is widely used and taught around the world and is being used by Ivy League Universities and even by school children.

For more information check out the web links below.

Student IT essentials & Free* Softwares

To find out more about IT assistance, free or nominal charge softwares, wireless printing and more; that is available for statistics students, please see :

To find out more about IT assistance, free or nominal charge softwares, wireless printing that is available for all students at the university, see the University's Student IT Essentials webpage.

* T&C exists



Laptops for loan

  • Laptops can be loaned from Science student resource center or information commons (2 hours renewable*)
  • Longer duration (5 days - renewable) loans can be asked from department. See the statistics loaned laptop policy here.