Department of Statistics

Undergraduate study options

The Department of Statictics offers numerous undergraduate courses and programmes for you to choose from.

Majoring in Statistics or Operations Research


Planning a BSc
Find out more about the Statistics BSc programme.


Planning a Conjoint BCom/BSc or Conjoint BA/BCom
Conjoint programmes make it possible for you to study two different fields at the same time.


Planning a BA
Plan your Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree with the Department of Statistics.

Combining Statistics with other programmes


Planning a BCom
Discover how to plan and structure your Bachelor of Commerce degree.


Planning a BBIM
Find more information about the Bachelor of Business and Information Management.


Planning a BE
Find out how to include statistics and stochastic modelling in your BE.

Further information


Statistics handbooks
Our handbook details the requirements and enrolment procedures for studying at undergraduate and postgraduate level.


Our courses
The Department of Statistics offers a number of courses from Stage I to Stage III.