Department of Statistics


The Department of Statistics welcomes secondary school students, teachers and parents to find out more about studying Statistics at The University of Auckland.


Hello teachers,

We depend on you to train the next generation of students and enthuse them about the possibilities of learning Statistics.

Our researchers in Statistical Education are world renowned as leaders in their field. Their decades of research have been used to help shape the curriculum in schools.

Supporting material for teaching the curriculum has been produced, tested, and improved by Maxine Pfannkuch, Chris Wild, and Pip Arnold, with the help and assistance of many teachers and students. We believe the material is the best, and we make it available to you so your students can be the best.

Statistics Teachers' Day

Every year we run a day of speakers, workshops, and electives. Hundreds of teachers sit back and relax whilst soaking up the most recent ideas in teaching statistics. Be inspired by practitioners of statistics and its applications.

Statistics Teachers’ Day 2019 will be held on Friday, 29 November 2019, in the Science Centre on the City Campus. For information on Statistics Teachers' Days please visit our Statistics Teachers' Day page.

Chris Wild at Statistics Teachers' Day
Chris Wild from the Department of Statistics, The University of Auckland speaking to the teachers.
Statistics Teachers Day 2012- Lunch time discussion
An animated discussion at lunch time.


The Department of Statistics is a supporter of the CensusAtSchool New Zealand initiative. CensusAtSchool is a nationwide online survey for Year 5 to 13 students which provides real, relevant data and classroom activities to enhance statistical enquiry across the curriculum.

Visit the CensusAtSchool website

The initiative is funded by by the Department of Statistics, the Ministry of Education, and Statistics New Zealand.

Every two years a new set of survey questions is produced and made available on our website. Data from student responses is optionally made available to class teachers, and through the random sampler and data analysis tools we provide.

To see an interview with Rachel Cunliffe regarding CensusAtSchool, visit the MathsReach website.