Andrea Havron

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


I received my BS degree from North Carolina State University in the United States in 2000. I went on to work as a marine biologist from 2004-2012, where I participated in a number of marine mammal and sea bird projects. I returned to academics in 2011 to receive my GIS graduate certificate at Oregon State University and continued on to obtain my MS in Marine Resource Management with a graduate minor in statistics in 2015 form Oregon State. I moved to New Zealand with my family in August 2015 to join the Department of Statistics. I am pursuing my PhD under the supervision of Professor Russell Millar. 

Research | Current

I am interested in ecological spatial modelling with Template Model Builder, with a focus on marine systems. My current research explores the use of multivariate models to conduct spatial factor analyses in the following areas:

  • Predicting spatio-temporal distributions of marine species from biomass measurements
  • Estimating beta diversity 
  • Predicting spatio-temporal hotspots in fisheries bycatch