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MS in Statistics

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


Shafiullah started his PhD in January 2014 at the University of Auckland under the supervision of Dr. Arden Miller and Professor Chris Triggs. He completed his MS and B.Sc. Honors in Statistics (secured 1st class 1st and 1st class 2nd position respectively) from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Shafiullah’s MS thesis “Median-Product Correlation and Regression Estimators: New Robust Estimators for Bivariate Data”, develops a new robust measure of correlation and regression coefficients for bivariate data which contain outliers. It was done under the supervision of Professor Jafar Ahmed Khan of the University of Dhaka. Shafiullah has a number of published articles in the areas of robust statistics, classification, and applications of statistics in business and economics. He is currently interested in the design and analysis of experiments with special focus on analyzing supersaturated and other non-regular factorial designs.



1. Shafiullah, A. Z. M. and Khan, J.A., A New Robust Correlation Estimator for Bivariate Data; Bangladesh Journal of Scientific Research, 24:2, pp:97-106 (2011) http://www.banglajol.info/index.php/BJSR/article/view/10766/7909

2. Shafiullah, A. Z. M. and Khan, J.A., Median Product Regression Estimators: New robust estimator for bivariate data; The Dhaka University Journal of Science, 58:2, pp:183-186 (2010)

3. Sajib, A. H., Shafiullah, A. Z. M. and Sumon, A. H., An Alternative Algorithm for Classification based on Robust Mahalanobis Distance; The Dhaka University Journal of Science, 61:1, pp:81-85 (2013)http://www.banglajol.info/index.php/DUJS/article/view/15101/10726

4. Mukit, D. M. A., Shafiullah, A. Z. M., and Ahmed, M. R., Inflation Led Import or Import Led Inflation: Evidence from Bangladesh; Asian Business Review, Volume 2, Number 2/2013 (Issue 4), ISSN 2304-2613 (print); ISSN 2305-8730 (online), pp:7-11 (2013) http://abrjournal.weebly.com/uploads/1/1/3/2/11327577/3.7_abr_template.pdf

5. Mukit, D. M. A., Shafiullah, A. Z. M., and Ahmed, M. R., Determination of Causality between Remittance and Import: Evidence from Bangladesh; International Journal of Business and Social Research(IJBSR), 3:3, pp:55-62, March 2013 http://www.ijbsr.org/index.php/current-issue/238

6. Khanum, H., Shafiullah, A. Z. M., and Muznebin, F., Prevalence and Determinants of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) among the patients of BSMMU; Bangladesh Journal of Zoology, 40:2, ISSN 0304-9027, pp:231-239, December 2012           http://www.banglajol.info/index.php/BJZ/article/view/14317/10177

7. Mukit, D. M. A. and Shafiullah, A. Z. M. (2012). DOES MONETARY POLICY HAVE IMPACT ON STOCK MARKET PERFORMANCE? AN ECONOMETRIC APPROACH. In: M.A.B. Mian (eds.). International Conference on Statistical Data Mining for Bioinformatics Health Agriculture and Environment Proceedings, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Pp: 455-561. Department of Statistics, University of Rajshahi. Higher Education Quality Enhancement Program (HEQEP) (ISBN: 978-984-33-5876-9)

8. Mukit, D. M. A., Shafiullah, A. Z. M., Impact of Monetary Policy on Post Crashed Stock Market Performance: Evidence from DSE; Journal of Business and Economics, Air University, Pakistan, 4:1 (Jan-June 2012) pp. 106-123

9. Akanda, M. A.S., Khanam, M., and Shafiullah, A. Z. M., Determinants of Earnings and Selection into the Labor Market by Controlling the Selection Bias in Bangladesh. The Dhaka University Journal of Science, 62:1, pp:11-16

10.Mukit, D. M. A., Shafiullah, A. Z. M., Export, Import and Inflation: A Study on Bangladesh; Amity Global Business Review, Amity University, Noida, India. Volume 9, ISSN 0975-511X , pp: 46-55, February 2014

Research | Current

My research involves developing an AIC-type model selection criterion for the analysis of screening experiments. Usually non-regular saturated designs are used in this capacity, since they allow a large number of factors to be investigated using relatively small number of runs. However, the screening designs usually have lack of degrees of freedom and complex aliasing among the effects which complicates the analysis. Moreover, the classical hypothesis tests for the regression coefficients are not possible since the experimental variability cannot be estimated. The proposed APC-criterion analyses the regular and non-regular designs screening experiments while maintaining the strong and weak control of false positive rates at the specified levels. The R-package “APCanalysis” is available in the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) to apply the criterion for real data applications.



Teaching | Current


Assistance room tutoring (Statistics). The University of Auckland, New Zealand.


1. At University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Stat MS-502-Applied Multivariate Analysis
StatH-407-Introduction to Robust Statistics
Stat H-406-Bayesian Methods and Decision Theory
Stat H-305-Operations Research
StatH-311-Order Statistics & Nonparametric Methods
Stat M-202-Mathematical Statistics
Stat-2122-Introduction to Probability
WGS-106-Statistics for Social Science         

2. At North South University. Dhaka,Bangladesh

ECO 372-Introduction to Econometrics
ECO/BUS 173-Applied Statistics
ECO/BUS 172-Introduction to Statistics
ECO134-Applied Mathematics

Postgraduate supervision

Supervised three students (MS) at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh



Shafiullah receives University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship.



2004–2006  Dhaka University Merit scholarships
2002–2004  Pre-graduation scholarships. University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
1998–2000  Board Merit Scholarships. Rajshahi Education Board, Bangladesh
1996–1998  Junior stipends in talent pool grade. Rajshahi Educational Board, Bangladesh


PhD Research, GTA

Areas of expertise

Robust Statistics, Classification Problem, Experimental Design, Econometrics, Business Statistics, Time Series

Committees/Professional groups/Services

1. Dhaka University Statistics Department Alumni Association (DUSDAA)

2. Stem and Leaf (Organization of the department of Statistics, University of Dhaka)                

3. Bangladesh Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS)

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Room# 300S.396
Department of Statistics
Faculty of Science
Phone Extension: 81033

Auckland 1010
New Zealand

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