Mr Hongbin Guo

BCom(Economics), BSc(Statistics with FCH, Applied Maths) Auckland University

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy

Research | Current

Our current research focuses on describing a new non-parametric shape-restricted smooth estimator for convex functions. Such estimator is built by replacing the discrete increments on the slope of piecewise convex estimators with continuous basis functions. From another point of view we are trying to model the non-negative second derivative of a convex regression function. Preliminary simulation study shows that our estimator is performing better than other restricted/non-restricted estimators in various situations. We are now investigating the basis selection and tuning parameter selection. The asymptotic distribution is about to be derived. We hope that this estimator could be modified for density estimation and classification later, and be adapted to high dimensions in the future.

Teaching | Current

I have many experience in tutoring stage 3 Statistic courses, such as Stats302, 320, 330, etc.

Postgraduate supervision

Dr. Yong Wang

Areas of expertise

Non-parametric modelling. Shape-restricted data.