Dr Steffen Klaere

Dr. rer. nat. (University of Munich, 2005)

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Senior Lecturer


I studied Mathematics in Economics at the University of Jena, Germany between 1995 and 2000.

In 2001 I moved to the Helmholtz Centre Munich, Germany for a PhD in Mathematics focussing on probabilistic models in phylogenetic inference. I graduated in 2005.

In 2005 I started a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Arndt von Haeseler at the University of Düsseldorf, Germany, working on goodness of fit methods for phylogenetic inference and methods for the optimization of phylogenetic diversity. In 2006 I moved with Arndt's group to the Max F. Perutz Laboratories in Vienna, Austria, where I added statistical consultation for biological and biomedical projects to my resumé.

In 2009 I started a postdoctoral fellow with David Bryant at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Here I worked on mathematical models in population genetics. In 2010 I followed David to the University of Otago in Dunedin.

In 2012 I joined the department.

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Postgraduate supervision

2014 Bradley Liu (MSc candidate). Bradley works on influence measures for phylogenetic inference.

2014 Daisy Shepherd (MSc candidate). Daisy works on modelling heterogeneity in phylogenetic inference.

2014 Rachel Harrison (MSc candidate). Rachel's project investigates the merits of using fuzzy clustering compared to classical clustering methods.

2013 Patricio Maturana Russel (PhD candidate). Patricio works on investigating alternative proposal strategies for Bayesian phylogenetics.

Areas of expertise

Phylogenetic inference, population genetics, data analysis

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Gayevskiy, V., Klaere, S., Knight, S., & Goddard, M. R. (2014). ObStruct: A method to objectively analyse factors driving population structure using Bayesian ancestry profiles. PLoS One10.1371/journal.pone.0085196
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Matthew Goddard, Sarah Knight
  • Sawaya, S., & Klaere, S. (2014). Extinction in a branching process: why some of the fittest strategies cannot guarantee survival. Journal of Statistical Distributions and Applications, 1 (1), 10-10. 10.1186/2195-5832-1-10
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/19566
  • Klaere, S., & Liebscher, V. (2012). An algebraic analysis of the two state Markov model on tripod trees. Mathematical Biosciences, 237 (1-2), 38-48. 10.1016/j.mbs.2012.03.001
  • Bryant, D., & Klaere, S. (2012). The link between segregation and phylogenetic diversity. Journal of Mathematical Biology, 64 (1-2), 149-162. 10.1007/s00285-011-0409-5
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/18670
  • Nguyen, M. A. T., Klaere, S., & von Haeseler, A. (2011). MISFITS: evaluating the goodness of fit between a phylogenetic model and an alignment. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 28 (1), 143-152. 10.1093/molbev/msq180
  • Minh, B. Q., Klaere, S., & von Haeseler, A. (2011). SDA*: A simple and unifying solution to recent bioinformatic challenges for conservation genetics. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Knowledge and Systems Engineering (KSE), 33-37. Hanoi, Vietnam: IEEE Computer Society. 10.1109/KSE.2010.24
  • Minh, B. Q., Klaere, S., & von Haeseler, A. (2009). Taxon Selection under Split Diversity. Systematic Biology, 58 (6), 586-594. 10.1093/sysbio/syp058
  • Hanada, R., Leibbrandt, A., Hanada, T., Kitaoka, S., Furuyashiki, T., Fujihara, H., ... Plehm, R. (2009). Central control of fever and female body temperature by RANKL/RANK. Nature, 462 (7272), 505-509. 10.1038/nature08596
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/17698

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