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PhD, MStat, MSc, BA

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Rolf Turner, born and raised in the Northwest Territories of Canada ("north of 60") is an accomplished mathematician and an internationally recognised statistician. He has worked in prestigious mathematics and statistics departments at the University of Alberta, University of New South Wales,  the University of New Brunswick in Canada and most recently at the University of Auckland.  Rolf is a highly experienced statistical consultant and has advised dozens of clients, including research agencies and programmes in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Notably he spent eight years as an Experimental Scientist with the CSIRO in Australia.  His research interests are many and varied, with an emphasis on spatial point processes and on hidden Markov models.  He also has a peripheral interest in linear mixed models.  He is heavily involved in statistical computing, mainly in "R" and is a frequent contributor to the R-help mailiing list. He holds a PhD in functional analysis from the University of Michigan in the USA.

Areas of expertise

Spatial point processes, hidden Markov models, statistical computing.

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Baddeley, A., Chang, Y.-M., Song, Y., & Turner, R. (2013). Residual Diagnostics for Covariate Effects in Spatial Point Process Models. JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL AND GRAPHICAL STATISTICS, 22 (4), 886-905. 10.1080/10618600.2012.721737
  • Baddeley, A., Turner, R., Mateu, J., & Bevan, A. (2013). Hybrids of Gibbs point process models and their implementation. Journal of Statistical Software, 55 (11).10.18637/jss.v055.i11
  • Banerjee, P. K., & Turner, T. R. (2012). A flexible model for the pricing of perishable assets. Omega, 40 (5), 533-540. 10.1016/j.omega.2011.10.001
  • Baddeley, A., Chang, Y.-M., Song, Y., & Turner, R. (2012). Nonparametric estimation of the dependence of a spatial point process on a spatial covariate. Statistics and its Interface, 5 (2), 221-236. 10.4310/SII.2012.v5.n2.a7
  • Turner, R., & Chareka, P. (2012). A note on the Berman condition. The Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics, 26 (1), 82-87. 10.1214/10-BJPS119
  • Baddeley, A., & Turner, R. (2012). Bias correction for parameter estimates of spatial point process models. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation10.1080/00949655.2012.755976
  • Baddeley, A., Berman, M., Fisher, N. I., Hardegen, A., Milne, R. K., Schuhmacher, D., ... Turner, R. (2010). Spatial logistic regression and change-of-support in Poisson point processes. ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF STATISTICS, 4, 1151-1201. 10.1214/10-EJS581
  • Turner, R. (2009). Point patterns of forest fire locations. Environmental and Ecological Statistics, 16, 197-223. 10.1007/s10651-007-0085-1
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