Mr Xiangjie Xue

BSc, BSc (Hons) at University of Auckland

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


I did my Bachelor degree here at the University of Auckland in Applied Mathematics and Operations Research From 2012 to 2014. After coming back from the exchange at UCLA, I finished my Honours degree in Statistics with Fist Class Honours. Currently I am doing researches on estimating covariance matrix with Dr. Yong Wang.

Research | Current

Non-Parametric Modelling for Multivariate Data supervised by Dr. Yong Wang.

Teaching | Current

Semester 1, 2016 - Tutors for STATS 310/732

Semester 2, 2016 - Tutors for STATS 125

Semester 1, 2017 - Tutors for STATS 125 and STATS 310/732

Semester 2, 2017 - Tutors for STATS 125 and STATS 782

Postgraduate supervision

Gap Properties of Brownian Motion on the Two-Dimensional Unit Torus (Honours Dissertation)


Mar. 2015 - Nov. 2015

We are interested in the tail distribution of the global largest radius in the complement of the Brownian motion on two-dimensional unit torus. We want to study this tail distribution using simulations. We generate a large number of simulations and attempt to fit the data with power-law distributions using two different approaches and test the validity of these two methods.


Summer Research Scholarship Programme - Faculty of Science (Mathematics, 2013)

The 360° Auckland Abroad Exchange Travel Awards

Senior Scholar Award in the Faculty of Science 

Summer Research Scholarship Programme - Faculty of Science (Statistics, 2015)

University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship