Miss Agnes Yongshi Deng

BSc (Mathematics, Statistics), BSc(Hons) (Statistics). University of Auckland

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


I joined the Department of Statistics as a PhD student in March 2019, under the supervision of Professor Thomas Lumley and Dr Beatrix Jones.

Originally from China, I obtained my first Bachelor's degree in Electrical engineering in 2012. After 3 years of working in the power sector in China, I decided to move to New Zealand to study another two subjects that I am passionate about - Mathematics and Statistics. In 2017 I completed my second Bachelor's degree with a double major in Mathematics and Statistics and was later awarded a First Class Honours Degree in Statistics (2018), both at the University of Auckland. 

My current interests are in machine learning and statistical computing. I am also keen on mathematical statistics and education.

Research | Current

My research project aims to develop scalable multiple imputation methods based on statistical learning techniques, such as denoising and variational autoencoders, gradient boosted trees and random forests. I am currently working on an R package misle which enables fast computation and provides a scalable solution for missing data.


PhD research topic: Multiple imputation through statistical learning (2019-2022)

  • Main Supervisor: Professor Thomas Lumley
  • Co-Supervisor: Dr Beatrix Jones

BSc(Honours) Project: Optimal path in random graphs (2018)

  • Supervisor: Dr Jesse Goodman 

Teaching | Current

I have assisted in tutoring the following courses: 

  • STATS 10X (Introduction to Statistics)
  • STATS 125 (Probability and Its Applications)
  • STATS 20X (Data Analysis)
  • STATS 210 (Statistical Theory)
  • STATS 330 (Advanced Statistical Modelling)
  • STATS 763 (Advanced Regression Methodology)


  • Best student talk at the 2019 NZSA conference (2019)
  • University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship (2019-2022)
  • Summer Research Scholarship in Statistics (2018)
  • Senior Scholar Award in the Faculty of Science (2017)
  • Summer Research Scholarship in Mathematics (2017)
  • The Ivan Reilly Prize (2016)


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Level 3, Room 361
New Zealand

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