Department of Statistics

Brian McArdle

Brian McArdle

Job title: Associate Professor
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 85845
Office: 303.229D Science Centre


I am primarily an ecological statistician though much of the time I act as a general statistical consultant, with experience of talking to all parts of the scientific community particularly life scientists. I am as at home talking to doctors and biologists as I am talking to statisticians. My main interests are in the general use of statistics in the life sciences. My research focuses on multivariate statistics and the collection and analysis of observational data, but much of my consulting work is on the analysis of designed experiments/surveys. I have a wide practical experience of applied statistics ranging from spatial statistics to Monte Carlo Markov Chains, from multivariate methods to generalised linear mixed models.

After a Zoology BSc and an ecological PhD thesis (supervisor: John H. Lawton) at the University of York (U.K), in 1977 I was appointed biometrician in the Zoology (later Biology) Department at Auckland. Here I stayed till 1999 when I moved up to the Statistics Department.

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For those of my colleagues and friends who have had to suffer my raving about Little Bay here are a few hints of why!


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