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Pathways to Positive Outcomes for Family and Whanau

Principal Investigator: Professor Peter B Davis (Dept Public Health and General Practice)
Andrew Sporle (Auckland University)
Prof. Alistair Scott. (Auckland University)
Pat Coope (Dept Public Health and General Practice)
Gabrielle Jenkin (Dept Public Health and General Practice)
Sue Milligan (Dept Public Health and General Practice)
Dr. Tony Blakely (Wellington School of Medicine)

Funded by the Foundation for Research Science and Technology, duration 4 Years.

The initial goal of this programme is to develop ways to examine and monitor the social and economic determinants of family and whanau wellbeing and how these change over time. This will involve using information from recent censuses and existing information from national surveys to develop standard measures of family/whanau and household composition, socioeconomic status, and wellbeing. These measures will then be applied to a combination of census, national survey, and administrative information, to investigate the wellbeing of families of different types and socio-economic status. This will be followed by an examination of how the wellbeing of those family types has changed over the last two decades.

The results of this programme have multiple applications and will be of interest to a wide variety of end-users, particularly those agencies and sectors involved in evaluating the impact and sustainability of current (and the feasibility of new) social policies and initiatives on the wellbeing of family and whanau in Aotearoa/New Zealand.