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GL In R version 0.3-2. Not suitable for production use. May contain bugs. And traces of nuts.


FIXME! Some general blurb here. Mostly this is just for pointers to the rest of the docs.

It's assumed that you a) have graphics hardware that supports OpenGL and b) it can be used. This generally means the appropriate modules for your card and kernel, if you're on Linux. and might be good places to start looking.

GIR is a binding of OpenGL for R, along with some simple utility functionality (window management, 'view' abstraction, raw vector coercion). Note that not all OpenGL functions have been bound at present. See GIROpenGL for details.

Check out GIRView for a simple example, and/or look through the /demos directory. They're pretty silly and/or ugly, but should provide some examples of using event handlers, views, and fonts.

I'm currently thinking that a "hints and tips" page might not be a bad idea; with common problems and solutions.

GIR includes the GLF font library v1.0, Copyright (C) 2000, Romka Graphics.

The person to blame for all this is Brendan McArdle. He can be reached at

See Also

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