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CCREL is a program for case-control genetic analysis that takes relatedness between individuals into account.  It will perform single-marker and haplotypic tests, however it will only work with SNP or other biallelic markers.


Reference: Browning S. R. et al. 2005.  Case-control single marker and haplotypic association analysis of pedigree data.  Genetic Epidemiology, 28:110-122. (link to abstract)



Version 0.3 (recommended) 5 December 2005.

Version 0.2 January 2005.

Differences between versions 0.2 and 0.3:  Version 0.3 is easier to install. (Thanks to Dan Weeks for suggesting some ways to improve ease of installation.)  The input and output file formats also differ slightly.  See README file with version 0.3 for details. 


The program is set up for running on a Unix/Linux system.  You need to have a C compiler and Perl, as well as R.  To get started

first unzip and extract the files:

gunzip CCREL_PACKAGEv0_3.tar.gz

tarxvf CCREL_PACKAGEv0_3.tar

You will need to compile the code before running:



Look in CCREL_PACKAGE/README for further information.


E-mail me if you have problems or find bugs. 


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