STATS 782, Semester 2, 2007

David Scott
Ext. 86830/85055
Room 721.343 Tamaki/Room 215, Building 303 (Maths/Physics) City

Various handouts, lecture slides and on-line documentation will be made available here.

Course Information

  • Course outline
  • Introduction Lecture Slides
  • Setting up email and internet access
  • Lecture slides below are mostly a single slide to a page. If you wish to print them 4 slides to a page the following shell program slides4up will allow it. Make the file executable and ensure it can be found by the operating system then the usage is:

    slides4up name_of_slide_file_excluding_.pdf_extension

    For example to print Computers.pdf four slides to a page, use:

    slides4up Computers

Basics of Computer Hardware and Software


Software Tools and Text Editors


The S Language and R