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BOOK: "The Assessment Challenge in Statistics Education"

Edited by I. Gal University of Haifa, Israel and J.B. Garfield University of Minnesota, USA.
Technical Editor: Matthew Segaard.
IOS Press, 1997 (on behalf of the ISI). ISBN 90 5199 333 1.
Copyright holder: International Statistical Institute. Permission granted by ISI to the IASE to make the chapters from this book freely available on the Internet.


  1. Curricular Goals and Assessment Challenges in Statistics Education, Iddo Gal and Joan Garfield

Part I. Curricular Goals and Assessment Frameworks

  1. Some Emerging Influences Underpinning Assessment in Statistics, Andy Begg
  2. Authentic Assessment Models for Statistics Education, Shirley Colvin and Kenneth E Vos
  3. Monitoring Attitudes and Beliefs in Statistics Education, Iddo Gal, Lynda Ginsburg and Candace Schau

Part II. Assessing Conceptual Understanding of Statistical Ideas

  1. A Framework for Assessing Knowledge and Learning in Statistics (K-8), Susan N. Friel, George W. Bright, Dargan Frierson, Gary D. Kader
  2. Using "Real-Life" Problems to Prompt Students to Construct Conceptual Models for Statistical Reasoning, Richard Lesh, Miriam Amit, Roberta Y. Schorr
  3. Simple Approaches to Assessing Underlying Understanding of Statistical Concepts, Anthony E. Kelly, Finbarr Sloane, Andrea Whittaker
  4. Assessing Students' Connected Understanding of Statistical Relationships, Candace Schau, Nancy Mattern

Part III. Innovative Models for Classroom Assessment

  1. Assessing Statistical Thinking Using the Media, Jane M. Watson
  2. Assessing Students' Statistical Problem-solving Behaviors in a Small-group Setting, Frances R. Curcio, Alice F. Artzt
  3. Assessing Student Projects, Susan Starkings
  4. Assessing Project Work by External Examiners, Peter Holmes
  5. Portfolio Assessment in Graduate Level Statistics Courses, Carolyn M. Keeler
  6. Technologies for Assessing and Extending Statistical Learning, Susanne P. Lajoie
  7. Issues in Constructing Assessment Instruments for the Classroom, Flavia Jolliffe
  8. Assessment on a Budget: Using Traditional Methods Imaginatively, Chris Wild, Chris Triggs, Maxine Pfannkuch

Part IV. Assessing Understanding of Probability

  1. Dimensions in the Assessment of Students Understanding and Application of Chance, Kathleen E. Metz
  2. Combinatorial Reasoning and its Assessment, Carmen Batanero, Juan D. Godino, Virginia Navarro-Pelayo
  3. Probability Distributions, Assessment and Instructional Software: Lessons Learned from an Evaluation of Curricular Software, Steve Cohen, Richard A. Chechile
Thanks are due to: ISI, Iddo Gal and Joan Garfield for making their book available; Carol Joyce Blumberg of Winona State University (USA) for organizing this project; Tasfia Ahmed of Winona State University, for scanning in and editing all of the files; and Stephen Cope and Zaw Win Tun of the University of Auckland for their website work.

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