Statistics 120 - Information Visualisation


The software used for this course is the R statistical computing environment. You can find out about the project here and you can get access to the local software archive (CRAN) here.


You may find the following documents useful.

An Introduction to R: Gives an introduction to the language and how to use R for carrying out statistical data analysis and producing graphics.

The R language definition: Documents the language per se. That is, the objects that it works on, and the details of the expression evaluation process, which are useful to know when programming R functions.

Writing R Extensions: Covers how to create your own packages, write R help files, and the foreign language (C, C++, Fortran, . . .).

R Data Import/Export: Describes the import and export facilities available either in R itself or via packages which are available from CRAN.

R Installation and Administration: This small manual will help you to install R and its associated libraries on your own machine.

The R Reference Index: Contains all help files of the R standard packages in printable form.

A Trellis User's Manual: This is the manual for a commercial Trellis implementation, but corresponds well to the R version.

Additional Libraries for Windows

The colorspace library.

The dtrace library.

The rgl library.