What is TableToLongForm?

TableToLongForm is an R package that automatically converts hierarchical Tables intended for a human reader into a LongForm Dataframe that is machine readable.

See documentation linked on the left for more details.

TableToLongForm is available from CRAN. The Package source is also available directly from this page, which can be installed using the following command in R:

install.packages(path, repos = NULL, type = "source")
For Windows users, you can substitute file.choose() for path to get a nice interface to select the downloaded package source.

Reproducing the Figures in the R Journal Article (and also the Technical Report)

This requires installing version 1.3.1 of the package (link) as well downloading the Spreadsheet Drawing R function (link), then running the makeFigures function (link). The makeFigures code can be altered to change cell widths, draw full Tables, etc.