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James Russell


I am interested in a variety of ecological questions which often have underlying application to conservation. I have a particular enthusiasm for islands, where complex ecological relationships can become reducible and tractable. Of particular interest are population and behavioural ecology questions relating to what makes species threatened or invasive, and how these trends can be reversed. I also work with macroecology questions related to biogeography such as species diversity and community composition, and in the application of genetic methods within an ecological context. My work often has a strong statistical modelling or analytical component. I also have a strong interest in animal ethics and environmental attitudes. Research sites have included New Zealand, Southern Ocean, Western Indian Ocean, French Polynesia, Atlantic Ocean, North Atlantic, Mediterranean, Caribbean and the Tibetan Plateau.

RECENT PUBLICATIONS (full list) (google scholar)



  • Mar 2015 NZ Navy: Auckland Islands - 2 weeks (photos) (with NZ Herald)
  • Feb 2015 CAPES: Fernando de Noronha - 3 weeks (photos)
  • Jul 2013 NGS: Antipodes Island - 3 weeks (photos) (with NewsTalkZB)
  • Jun 2012 CAS: Tibetan Plateau - 3 weeks (photos)
  • Jun 2011 RSNZ: Faroe Islands - 2 weeks (photos) (with SvF news)
  • Jan 2011 NIWA: Antipodes Island - 4 weeks (photos)
  • Dec 2010 AWC: Hauturu - 1 week (with Research Works Wonders)
  • May 2010 Conservación de Islas: Banco Chinchorro - 3 weeks (photos)
  • Jan 2010 BNHM: Tetiaroa - 3 weeks (with NZ Herald and Radio NZ)
  • Jul 2009 SEAPRE: Tetiaroa - 1 week (photos)
  • Nov 2008 ALIENS: Ile Europa - 8 weeks (photos)
  • Jul 2008 ALIENS: Ile Juan de Nova - 8 weeks (photos)
  • Mar 2008 ALIENS: Ile Europa - 4 weeks (photos)
  • Oct 2005 ALIENS : Ile Surprise - 3 weeks (photos)
  • Dec 2001 Heritage Expeditions: Subantarctic Islands - 2 weeks