Pete's big TLA list

This list was last updated on 18/7/2000

ABCactivity based costing
ABDall but dissertation
ABLAbsolutely bloody last
ACDAutomatic Call Director
AFKAway from Keyboard
AGVautomatic guided vehicle
AHTAverage Handle Time
AIMAgile Intelligent Manufacturing
AMHautomated material handling
ANOVAanalysis of variance
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
AOQAverage Outgoing Quality
AOQLAverage outgoing quality level
APICSAmerican Production and Inventory Control Society
APTAutomatic programmed tools
AQLAcceptable Quality Level
AQLaverage quality level
AS/RSautomated storage and retrieval system
ASAAverage Speed of Answer
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASNAverage Sample Number
ASQCAmerican society of quality control
ATIAverage Total Inspection
ATPavailable to promise
BFABloody freaking awful
BFDbig fat (or other word of your choice starting with F) deal
BMOCbig man on campus
BOHICABend Over, Here It Comes Again!
BOMbill of materials
BPRBusiness Process Re-engineering
BTWBy the way
C&ECause and Effect
CADcomputer aided design
CAD/CAMComputer Aided Design/Manufacture
CAEComputer Aided Engineering
CAITcomputer aided inspection and test
CAMcomputer aided manufacturing
CAPPcomputer aided Process planning
CARCorrective Action Request
CASEcomputer aided systems engineering
CATcomputer aided testing
CCCall Centre
CEOChief Executive Officer
CFOChief Financial Officer
CFPIMcertified in production and inventory management at fellow level
CIBcomputer integrated business
CIFcost, insurance, and freight
CIMComputer Integrated Manufacturing
CLMCareer limiting move
CLSPcapacitated lot sizing problem
CLVCustomer Lifetime Value
CNCcomputer numerically controlled
COQCost of Quality
CP/MComputer Process Manager
CPAcertified public accountant
CPHCalls Per Hour; Average number of calls that a TSR handles per hour
CPIcontinuous process improvement
CPIMcertified in production and inventory management
CPMcertified purchasing manager
CPMcritical path method
CPUcentral processing unit
CQEcertified quality engineer
CQIContinuous Quality Improvement
CQTcertified quality technician
CRcritical ratio
CRPcapacity requirements planning
CRTcathode ray tube
CSFCritical Success Factor
CSICustomer Satisfaction Index
CSPcontinuous sampling plan
CTIComputer-Telephone Integration unit
CTSContact Tracking Software
CWQCcompany wide quality control
CWQICompany-Wide Quality Improvement
DDLTdemand during lead time
DEAdata envelopment analysis (1/2 credit for drug enforcement agency)
DFAdesign for assembly
DFMDesign For Manufacturability
DFXdesign for X(X being the goal or attribute of your choice)
DNCdirect numerically controlled
DOAdead on arrival
DOEDesign of Experiments
DRPdistribution requirements planning
DSSdecision support system
DTFdemand time fence
ECNengineering change notice
ECOengineering change order
EDDearliest due date first
EDDLTexpected demand during lead time
EDIelectronic data interchange
EIemployee involvement
EISexecutive information system
ELCEmployee Learning Centre
EOHending on-hand inventory
EOQeconomic order quantity
EPLSeconomic production lot size
FASfinal assembly schedule
FCFSfirst come first serve
FEWFederal Employed Women
FIFOfirst in first out
FMBAFinancial Management & Business Analysis
FMCflexible machining center
FMEAFailure Mode Effects Analysis
FMSFlexible Manufacturing System
FOBfreight on board
FOEFactory Overall Efficiency
FPOfirm planned order
FTAFault Tree Analysis
FTZfree trade zone
FYIFor Your Information
GAAPgenerally accepted accounting practices
GTgroup technology
GUTGrand Unified Theory
HALTHighly Accelerated Life Testing
HLLhigh level language
HRDHuman Resource Development
HRMHuman Resources Management
IIEinstitute of industrial engineers
IMSIntegrated Management Services
IMSIntelligent Manufacturing Systems
IRRinternal rate of return
ISOInternational Standards Organization
IVRInteractive Voice Response unit
JITJust In Time
JUSEJapanese Union of Scientists and Engineers
KPIKey Performance Indicator
KPRKey Performance Report
L4Llot for lot
LANlocal area network
LBOleveraged buy out
LCLless than car load
LCLlower control limit
LIFOlast in first out
LIMITlotsize inventory management interpolation technique
LOBline of balance
LPCLeast Preffered CoWorker
LRCLearning Resources Centre (Library)
LSLlower specification limit
LTlead time
LTLless than truck load
LTPDlot tolerance percent defective
MADmean absolute deviation
MANOVAmultivariate analysis of variance
MAPmanufacturing automation protocol
MAPEmean absolute percentage error
MBOManagement by Objectives
MBWAManagement by Walking Around
MDSmaterial dominated scheduling
MEOSTMultiple Environment Overstress Tests
MImanufacturing instruction
MILSPECMilitary specification
MISmanagement information systems
MPSmaster production schedule
MRBmaterial review board
MROmaintenance repair and operating supplies
MRPMaterial Requirements Planning
mrpmaterial requirements planning
MRPmaterial resource planning
MRPIImanufacturing resource planning
MSEmean square error
MTBFMean Time Between Failures
MTMmotion-time methods
MTTFMean time to failure
MTTRMean time to restore/repair
NCnumerically controlled
NFG No freaking good
NFW No freaking way
NIHNot Invented Here
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology
NMJNot My Job
NOACNext Operation As Customer
NPVnet present value
NTEDno touch exchange of die
OCoperating characteristic (curves)
OCCPercent agent occupancy
OCDOrganisational Change and Development
OCRoptical character recognition
OEMoriginal equipment manufacturing
OFIOpportunities for Improvement
OIHOrganisationally Induced Helplessness
OJTon the job training
OPToptimized production technology
OS/Dover, short, or damaged
OTEDone touch exchange of die
PACProduction activity control (1/2 credit for political action committee)
PDCAPlan Do Check Act
PDQPretty Damn Quick
PERTprogram evaluation and review technique
PFSprocess flow scheduling
PFSPretty freaking stupid
PIMSProfit Impact of Market Strategy
PLCprogrammable logic controller
POpurchase order
Poka-YokePrevention of operator-controllable defects
POMProduction & Operations Management
PONQPrice of Non-Quality
POQperiodic order quantity
POSpoint of sale
PPBpart period balancing
QAQuality Assurance
QCquality control, quality circles
QFDQuality Function Deployment
QWLQuality of Working Life
RBIruns batted in
RCARequest for Corrective Action
RCCPrough cut capacity planning
RCHVery small/thin measurement
RFPrequest for proposal
RFQrequest for quote
RFTRight First Time
RMAReturn Merchandise Authorization
ROAReturn On Assets
ROIReturn On Investment
ROIReturn on Investment
ROPreorder point
RPDrobust product design
SBQstandard batch quantity
SBUStrategic Business Unit
SCARSupplier Corrective Action Request
SEPSomebody else's problem
SFAA very small amount; Sweet Fanny Adams
SFCshop floor control
SICstandard industrial code
SKUstock keeping unit
SMEsmall management enterprise
SMEDsingle minute exchange of die
SNAFUsituation normal, all fouled up
SPCStatistical Process Control
SPCStop Producing Crap
SPTshortest processing time first
SQCStatistical Quality Control
SQLstructured query language
SQMStrategic quality management
TEItotal employee involvement
TKOtechnical knock-out
TLtruck load lot
TLAThree Letter Acronym
TMITeam Management Index
TOCTheory of Constraints
TOETheory of Everything
TOPtechnical/office protocol
TPMTotal Productive Maintenance
TPMtotal preventative or (productivity) maintenance
TPOPtime phase order point
TQCTotal Quality Control
TQITotal Quality Improvement
TQMTotal Quality Management
TRCtotal relevant cost
TSRTelephone Service Representative
TWKtotal work content
UCLupper control limit
UNAUse No Acronyms
USLupper specification limit
VDTvideo display terminal
VDUvideo display unit
VMSvisual management systems
VRUVoice Response Unit
WIPwork in process
WWWWorld-Wide Web
XFTCross Functional Team

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