Introduction to Data Technologies is a book that provides a basic introduction to a number of computer technologies for working with data (HTML, XML, Databases, SQL, regular expressions, and R).

The entire book (approx. 3.5 MB) is available online under a Creative Commons licence (see below). A bound print version is available from Chapman Hall (use the discount code 783EM for a 20% discount!). There is also an HTML version (one page per Section). If you are interested, there is more information about the licence.

Errata for the print version are provided on separate page; I would be grateful to hear about any corrections, comments, or suggestions.

A set of exercises is provided for the book. These are based around data sets, but are also indexed by topic. This set of exercises is currently quite small, but it will grow as opportunity allows and as demand dictates.

Some of the data sets used in examples as well as various resources, such as images, are also available.

Many thanks to the following people for helping to provide resources (images, data, etc) and/or for feedback on the manuscript: Barbara Anderson, Deepankar Basu, Jeremy Baxter, Sharon Browning, Neville Brownlee, Bill Casselman, Richard Dobedoe, John Fox, Eric C Franklin, Andrew Gelman, David Gouache, Wilford Gardner, Klaus Gena, Joern Gieseke, Niki Harre, Patrick Hausmann, Kathleen (of NASA Langley Research Center), Ann Lindberg, Bruce Maxwell, Andy McKenzie, Alexey Mishonov, Adam Moller (Waitakere City Council), Peter Mullins, Julia Murrell, Matthew Olsen, Christelle O'Kane, Roland Rau, Robin (of Robin's FYI), Mark Rosenstein, Sharan Sharma, R. Mark Sharp, Jordi Serra i Solanich, Kevin E. Thorpe, Antony Unwin, Carole Walsh, Hadley Wickham, Wendy Wrapson, Tan Xi, Kevin Zembower, Ilze Ziedins.


Creative Commons License
The document is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand License.