Many people have helped in the creation of this book, in a variety of ways.

First of all, thanks to those who have provided useful comments, suggestions, and corrections on the manuscript, particularly the anonymous reviewers. I am also indebted to those who have donated data sets for use in the case studies within this book and for use in the exercises that are available from the book web site. Because I expect these lists to grow over time, the names of these contributors are all posted on the book web site.

Another vote of thanks must go to the authors of the images that I have used in various places throughout the book. In most cases, I have had no direct contact with these authors because they have generously released their work under permissive licenses that allow their work to be shared and reused. The full list of attributions for these works is given on page [*].

I would also like to acknowledge Kurt Hornik and Achim Zeileis from the Computational Statistics group of the Department of Statistics and Mathematics at the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien in Vienna for providing me with a productive environment during the latter half of 2007 to work on this book. Thanks also to my host institution, the University of Auckland.

Last, and most, thank you, Ju.

Paul Murrell
The University of Auckland
New Zealand

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Paul Murrell

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