R Graphics Errata

Thanks to all those who have taken the time to report these errors!

  1. p 4, line 2 from bottom: "a dotplot showing yield for each site" should be "a dotplot showing yield for each variety" (RB).
  2. The R code for Figure 1.4 should use superpose.symbol rather than plot.symbol to control the size of data symbols (via 'cex') (NR); this fix is available on-line.
  3. The R code for Figure 1.7 is now based on the 'party' package on CRAN (it was based on unpublished code); the code is available on-line.
  4. p 18, line 6 from bottom: "at the cost of a having to learn" should be "at the cost of having to learn" (TV).
  5. p 32 line 3 from bottom: "exameple" should be "example" (TZ).
  6. p 59 line 5 from top: "clockwise" should be "anti-clockwise" (TZ).
  7. p 64 line 9 from top: "clockwise" should be "anti-clockwise" (TZ).
  8. p 66 is ENTIRELY MISSING in early copies of one of the print runs. If you have a copy of the book like this, you can return it to the publisher and get a new copy. A PDF of page 66 is available here.
  9. The top line of Figure 3.9 reads (in greek symbols) 'family="mono"', which should be (in greek symbols) 'family="symbol"'; the on-line version of the figure fixes this problem (but has problems of its own due to (un)availability of fonts) (TV).
  10. p 68 line 4 from the bottom: "pch" should be "type" (JM).
  11. p 112 line 19 from top: commented out code should be removed (TZ).
  12. p 151 line 2 from bottom: "a rectangle is draw" should be "a rectangle is drawn" (HS).
  13. p 164 line 3 from bottom: font size should be 18 not 20 (DM).
  14. p 168 lines 8 and 6 from bottom: "left-most" and "right-most" are swapped, i.e. the first is left-most, the second is right-most (DM).
  15. p 168 code at bottom should be:
    > grid.rect(x=0.33, height=0.7, width=0.2, 
    > grid.rect(x=0.66, height=0.7, width=0.2)
    (the 0.33 and 0.66 are swapped; RD)
  16. p 169 Figure 5.6 caption: "left-hand" and "right-hand" are swapped (MK).
  17. p 179 line 4 from bottom: "beyond the the viewport" should be "beyond the viewport" (AK).
  18. p 181 line 19 from top: "the the child viewport" should be "the child viewport" (HS).
  19. The caption for Figure 7.1 reads "where the plot region is on Australia", which should be "where the plot region is in Australia" (AK).
  20. p 223 line 5 from top: "bad idea to to create Figure 7.1" should be "bad idea to create Figure 7.1" (AK).
  21. p 232 line 12 from top: "high-level description of the an image" should be "high-level description of an image" (AK).
  22. p 258 line 2 from top: "An example is where an an axis" should be "An example is where an axis" (EI).
  23. p 274 line 3 from top: "possible load" should be "possible to load" (NR).
  24. p 299 last line, column 2: "Mulivariate" should be "Multivariate" (TV).
AK = reported by Andreas Kiermeier.
DM = reported by Duncan Murdoch.
EI = reported by Erik Iverson.
HS = reported by Han Lin Shang.
JM = reported by John Maindonald.
MK = reported by Mike Kay.
NR = reported by Naomi Robbins.
RB = reported by Robert Baer.
RD = reported by Rafe Donahue.
TZ = reported by Thomas Zumbrunn.
TV = reported by Tobias Verbeke.