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Office: Science Block (Building 303S) Room 371

Phone: +64-9-373-7599 ext 88276 or ext 86893 (Dep't. Office)

    An amazing example of masculine pulchritude.

I am married (and have been since 25 August 1981) to Victoria Haselden.
(She's from the South Island, but she's wonderful despite that!)

We brought three cats with us when we shifted to New Zealand from Canada in 2007. They were named Éowyn, Galadriel, and Tom. What they are called in Eternity is not known to me. Tom (??? 2003 --- May 2015) aka "The Little Thug", Galadriel (??? 2001 --- Jan. 2016) aka "Fat Princess", and Éowyn (??? 2000 --- Jan. 2013) aka "Sweet Little Airhead".

We now have two Native New Zealand cats. And thereby hangs a tale.

On 10 March 2016 we acquired (from the SPCA) a beautiful little ragdoll cat, named Jessica, but she ran away from us (on 18 March 2016). Despite considerable effort we could not find her, and eventually abandoned hope. Then, on 21 September 2018, we got a phone call from a local vet saying that a cat had been found and brought to them, and its microchip revealed it be ours! We went and picked her up, and it was indeed Jessica! The delicate little creature had survived, living rough and feeding herself by hunting and scavenging, for two and a half years!

After losing Jessica, we had gone back to the SPCA and, despite our carelessness with the first cat that they gave us, they very kindly let us have another one. A very feisty young tortoiseshell whom we named Tigerlily. Of course Tigerlily has not been at all happy with the return of the prodigal Jessica, whom she (naturally) considers to be an interloper. The two of them occasionally hiss at each other, but rarely come to actual blows.

A list of my publications may be found here.

I participate (to the extent that my limited abilities will allow me ) in the
development of the
R   package spatstat. (See the spatstat webpage for a pointer to The Great Book!)

I am also (ir)responsible for several other R packages which are available from CRAN.
Here is a complete list of the R packages with which I am involved.

Here is a list of students whom I have supervised over the years.

Over the years I have (mirabile dictu! ) given a number of invited talks.

My "official UoA web page" can be found here

The "mixreg" package is available from:   Mixreg

The "kanova" package is available from:   Kanova

The "hglmm" package is available from:   Hglmm

Recent updates to the "deldir" package are available from:   Deldir

A revised version (3.0-9) of the "hmm.discnp" package is available from:   Hmm.discnp


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