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Office: Science Block (Building 303S) Room 371

Phone: +64-9-373-7599 ext 88276 or ext 86893 (Dep't. Office)

    An amazing example of masculine pulchritude.

I am married (and have been since 25 August 1981) to Victoria Haselden.
(She's from the South Island, but she's wonderful despite that!)

We brought three cats with us when we shifted to New Zealand from Canada in 2007. They were named Éowyn, Galadriel, and Tom. What they are called in Eternity is not known to me. Tom (??? 2005 --- May 2015) aka "The Little Thug", Galadriel (??? 2001 --- Jan. 2016) aka "Fat Princess", and Éowyn (??? 2000 --- Jan. 2013) aka "Sweet Little Airhead".

We now have a Native New Zealand tortoiseshell cat Tigerlily.

A list of my publications may be found here.

Taylor & Francis have generously provided 50 free copies of one of my recent papers. These copies can be obtained online by going to the site located here . The first 50 lucky-dippers (get in quick! ) can download their copy for FREE (!!!). With that and two bob you can make a phone call. (Well, you used to be able to!)

I participate (to the extent that my limited abilities will allow me ) in the
development of the
R   package spatstat. (See the spatstat webpage for a pointer to The Great Book!)

I am also (ir)responsible for several other R packages which are available from CRAN.
Here is a complete list of the R packages with which I am involved.

Here is a list of students whom I have supervised over the years.

Over the years I have (mirabile dictu! ) given a number of invited talks.

My "official UoA web page" can be found here


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