Download & Install iNZightVIT for Windows

Current Version

Downloading and Installing iNZightVIT

  1. Right click on iNZightVIT_zipfile_2.0.2 (131 Mb)
    and use "Save Target/Link As" option to save to your desktop

  2. Extract the iNZightVIT folder from within the zip file to your desktop

  3. Open the iNZightVIT folder and double click on START_iNZightVIT
    [View movie of installation process (mp4)]

    You know you have a successful installation when you see …

iNZight is packaged together with VIT as iNZightVIT. Both iNZight and VIT are R libraries but here we have packaged them inside a copy of R in such a way that they appear to the user as standalone software. (The user does not have to interact with R.)

Updating iNZight

Running iNZight


  1. iNZight may take another 15 seconds to load.

  2. A dialogue window will appear that let's you choose between running iNZight and running VIT.

  3. Go to Basics to see how to read in data and explore variables, etc

Old Version (2013-09-13)

The steps to install the previous version of iNZightVIT is exactly the same as that shown above, instead using the following download link: