iNZight 3.0 Released! Maps module, Windows installer, and more!


5 September, 2016

The latest version of iNZight is now available to download, with a new Windows installer, Mapping module, and a whole lot of improvements. We've also updated the version of R, so you'll need to download it again from our website:

Download iNZight!

iNZight v3.0 Released

The past year has seen a lot of big changes to iNZight, and we are finally ready to release these to you! At its core, iNZight is still the same, but we've made several fundamental changes that we hope will make it easier for you to use.

So, what's new?

  • An improved plot toolbar

    We've reordered some of the buttons, and changed the "Add to Plot", "Remove Additions" and "Inference Information" buttons into icons themselves, with textual tooltips when you mouseover them. It also responds to the particular module you open (see later).

  • Example datasets

    Instead of shipping iNZight with a data folder, we've incoporated the main data sets directly into iNZight. From the File menu, you'll notice a new "Example Datasets" option, which lets you quickly load data sets to play with.

  • Plot features

    The Add to Plot window has been completely renovated, with the most obvious change being the integration of the "Code variables" and "Change plot appearance" panels, so now you can do that all from one place.

    Some key changes:

    • Resize points now resizes point area proportional to the variable. You can optionally revert to the old method, which scales points linearly, which is suitable for exaggerating trends when there is a small range of sizes in the size-by variable or limiting visual size effects where there is a huge range of sizes in the size-by variable.
    • More choice of colours: Finally, you can choose your own colour palette! We've linked up to some awesome packages that provide some great colour schemes, including Viridis, which is colourblind and grayscale friendly!
    • Grid lines, symbol control ...

Windows and Mac Installers

We've created a Windows Installer, an executable (.exe) file. This will install iNZight to a location of your choosing, which is by default the user's Documents folder. Shortcuts are automatically placed on the desktop and in the Start Menu, so running iNZight is quick and easy.

And for our Mac users, we've taken a slightly new approach to installing iNZight which we hope will make the process easier. And if you use R, we've got you covered too.

If you experience problems with either of these, please let us know.

Go to the downloads page.

iNZight VIT breakup

Development of iNZight is moving much faster than VIT, so we've decided to break them up. When you download iNZight, you'll still get VIT, but you'll have a separate icon for each of them, so you can start iNZight directly without the first "iNZightVIT" window, which makes starting iNZight a lot faster.

iNZight Maps Module

You can now plot data onto a map from iNZight! If you have coordinates, just tell iNZight about them and it will do the rest. If you've got data on countries, iNZight can also draw outlines and colour them in depending on a chosen variable.

Read more about it here.

Multiple Response Module

For a lot of questionaire or survey data, there's no easy way to visually explore the answers to questions where responders can give multiple answers. For example, "Which animals do you own?" will give users several answers to choose from, of which they can choose more than just one answer, for example, "cat" and "dog". This Multiple response data requires observing the proportion of "yes"/"no" responses to each possible answer.

The Multiple Response module has been completely redesigned to make visualisation of this type of data easy. You can read more about it here.